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jigsaw puzzles, a great gift with a lot to offer! by ...

by:Grade     2020-08-05

The holiday is here again, gasp!This means looking around town for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, competing with the crowd for the latest \"it\" toys or the latest electronics --a-ma-jig, right?Why not try a different approach this year and give some-Special for your family and friends?The answer may be jigsaw puzzle!My love for the puzzle came from my grandmother.My grandmother lives in a very small town in northern Minnesota with the largest population.As a child, it is certainly a boring place to spend a summer vacation.To make matters worse, I realized grandma had no cable!Out of sheer boredom, I sat with her while she was doing the puzzle.Grandma is smart and she has an extra chair and some cookies waiting for me to eat with her.I remember clearly there was a puzzle, it was a picture of a red and white quilt, very big!It must be 2000 yuan, occupying the table of the whole restaurant.I\'m sure no one can put the whole puzzle together, which is too hard.It took some time, but after I found a few quilts and finished one square I was hooked.Every day, I look forward to solving this problem. every work I find is a victory!It took a few weeks and we finally finished the puzzle and all the famous sugar cookies from grandma!I am proud of what we have achieved and I am proud that I can help.To appreciate our work, we put it on the table for a few days.Soon I found the rest of the puzzle from Grandma\'s collection and I can\'t wait to dig a new one!As an adult and a mother, I think back now and realize that this simple pastime has given me a lot of things.At first I thought it was impossible to complete the puzzle, but once it was done I felt very proud and accomplished --ment.What\'s more, the real gift is quality time, wonderful conversation and good memories of the grandmother.(I also have her cookie recipe!So, take a look at this old fashioned gift before you rush to buy the latest \"battery not included\" flash gadget.You may get more than you expected.Puzzles are more fun when they are part of a bigger plan.Give you tickets to animal puzzles at your local zoo or tickets to underwater puzzles at the aquarium.Find the puzzle of your next holiday destination or where you want to go one day.Start a new family tradition and solve a problem together.Look for a puzzle with a fantastic winter scene or celebrate the festival and get you into the Christmas spirit.Turn off the TV, turn on some Christmas music and enjoy your time with your family.Puzzle games can be added to the collection.For example, maybe someone you know collects dragons, dolphins or cocks and uses these things to find puzzles and you get a great gift.Jigsaw puzzles can be used to decorate your home.Puzzles can easily stick together and hang up as artwork.When you\'re looking for puzzles, remember the theme of your child\'s room and dining room, and you can fill your home with art pieces made by yourself!I think the most important thing when buying a jigsaw puzzle is the picture itself.Puzzles are fun, so find a picture that makes you smile!Have fun!You should pay attention to the piece count and make sure it fits the age and skill of the puzzle maker.It can be difficult for your 6 year old to do 500 pieces on your own, but for the family, doing it together can be perfect.The size of the finished puzzle is important.Make sure that the area where you will assemble the puzzle will save the puzzle and provide extra space for the unassembled puzzle.A high quality puzzle is worth it!Bright colors, close fitting parts, etc.Will make the assembly puzzle more enjoyable.It is frustrating to let the paper fall off the cardboard of the puzzle or make it thin and easy to break.When choosing a puzzle, remember that a puzzle with a solid color or a repeated pattern may be more difficult than a puzzle of various colors.For example, the puzzle of the black cat on the black blanket, even if it is only 500 pieces, may be an additional challenge.Remember this, but it should be a challenge to remember the puzzle!When you think of a puzzle, the first thing you think of is probably a rectangle with a flower on it.If it sounds boring, keep looking!There are many unique puzzles.The shape of the puzzle is a puzzle with a unique frame shape.Such as the shape of a dog or an eagle in flight.These puzzles are a challenge for those who always deal with the boundaries of the puzzle first.Round puzzles are one of my favorite pieces because they are cut in an unusual way!Glowing in a dark puzzle looks like a standard puzzle, but part of the design glows in the dark, making them a great choice for bonding and Preservation!Now that you have a puzzle and a place to work, you\'re a little overwhelmed looking at that whole pile of pieces.Now what?1) lighting up the bright workplace will reduce eye fatigue and make the experience more enjoyable.2) organize your work, I like to turn all the work to the right first, and then organize the edge work immediately.I also found it very helpful to classify different colors with boxes or small containers!(The previously worked puzzle box you glued together to show is perfect for this one.3) seeking help I find it almost impossible to walk past a person who is doing a puzzle without stopping to find a few pieces by himself.Puzzles are a great way to pass the time and you can also have great conversations!4) Don\'t despair if you need to use the table again and your puzzle is not finished yet!Puzzle roll will help you to move and store unfinished puzzles on another day!Puzzle rolls are available in a variety of sizes.5) once you have finished the puzzle, it can be heartbreaking to unpack it again.If you really like the design, or just want to show off your efforts, it\'s a simple task to stick the puzzle together on the wall!Good puzzle glue will dry out so it will not distort the beauty of the color.The puzzle glue is brushed on it and when it is dry you can frame the puzzle or hang it up as it is now.When you buy a jigsaw puzzle, remember the decoration of your home and you can fill your home with the artwork you make yourself!6) Afterwards...If you have completed a puzzle and don\'t want to finish it again, here are a few ideas for you.Pass it on!Do you know a friend who likes puzzles?Exchange the puzzles you have completed with them!Donate puzzles to local schools, churches, nursing homes, etc.HTTP://www.thepuzzlezone.
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