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Kim Kardashian is delighted when Kanye West has Kenny G perform in their living room on Valentine\'s Day among a sea of single roses

by:Grade     2020-04-19
Kanye West spent Valentine\'s Day for his wife Kim Kardashian. The 41-year-
All decorated by old rapper
Their luxurious white living room in the Hidden Hills, California in the flowers, and the Jesse designer also brought music from musician Kenny G to play for her.
Consistent with the Kardashian star\'s title, the \"beat husband award\" is owned by meu200d♀Hey! ! ! !
The most intimate gift! ! ! !
She also shared: \"Kenny G is not a big deal in my living room! ! !
Happy Valentine\'s Day.
27-year-old jazz musician Kenny
He is best known for his song \"Love Forever\"
They were seen blowing the saxophone in the middle of their living room, where there was no furniture, only white curtains.
I don\'t know if West removed the furniture for the show or if they haven\'t decorated the area yet.
As we all know, this family is sparsely populated.
The room was full of clear glass vases in pink, white and red.
Put them in the vase and put them carefully on the floor, it will definitely take a few hours.
Wearing a black suit and a white shirt, Kenny plays the 1939 song on the rainbow in the movie Wizard of Oz.
Kanye was wearing a gray jersey with two necklaces on it and when he was filming the whole thing he was seen smiling with one ear.
Previously, she shared two happy photos on Instagram.
\"Happy Valentine\'s Day, baby! ! !
I love you so much!
KKW Beauty founder wrote.
The couple had three children, North, St. and Chicago.
Kim told Andy Cohen on WWHL last month that they are looking forward to having a fourth child \"soon\" through the pregnancy carrier.
On 2014, Kim and Kanye got married in front of 200 guests in front of the Italian flower wall.
She wore a Givenchy dress with a long lace veil.
West did much less last year.
He shared a photo of a homemade white card with a handwritten message on the front that says \"Happy Baby on Valentine\'s Day \".
Kim wrote on Instagram: \"I Love You To Infinity!
Happy Valentine\'s Day! ! !
2017, they dine at the Kapon restaurant in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.
He also sent her a wall of flowers. \'Oh my God!
Just walk in and see what I see.
In a Snapchat video, she said it was a huge wall of flowers with orchids and roses.
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