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kissing edison’s light bulb goodbye

by:Grade     2019-12-27
The European Commission formally passed a new regulation on Wednesday, which will effectively eliminate incandescent lamps in Europe by 2012.
Energy Conversion-
Efficient lamps and lanterns in homes, offices, streets and factories will produce energy-saving effects equivalent to Belgium\'s annual electricity consumption or the annual power generation of 20 500 MW power stations, officials said.
Consumers will save 11 billion euros-
$14 billion-
Otherwise, they spend every year on energy bills.
European Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said the goal was to \"replace lighting products of the last century with\" technologies that will maintain the same lighting quality while saving energy, carbon dioxide and money \".
After 2012, European consumers will have two options: high
Efficiency halogen lamps, compared with traditional incandescent lamps, can save up to 50% of energy;
Or compact fluorescent lamp, or C. F. L.
Compared to traditional bulbs, it can save up to 75% of the cost.
When the regulation was enacted, commission officials stressed that consumers would not see a decline in the aesthetic experience of lighting and that the new light bulb was safe --
Many homeowners have argued fiercely at Green.
There are similar regulations in the United States.
European Commission officials acknowledged that,F. L.
Mercury is present in the bulb, but typical coal is noted
The thermal power plant also releases mercury to the environment.
They say mercury introduced by switching to an efficient bulb will be canceled due to reduced mercury released from coal
Thermal power plant.
They also acknowledge that some studies suggest that a small part of the population of Europeans with light sensitivity-related diseases may be affected by C. F. L.
Light bulbs due to the presence of UV and blue light emission.
But officials say the problem can be easily passed by
Called \"lamp envelope\"
Even a simple lampshade.
No evidence was found that C. F. L.
The United States may trigger seizures in people who already have epilepsy.
Comments are no longer accepted.
Energy efficiency or toxic waste . . . . . . .
Not much trade. off.
I will not buy new bulbs until they are safely processed.
Is there a CFL that can be used with a timer or motion-
Sensitive switch?
I have converted most of the lights in the house and I will do more other than this issue.
Amanda-just curious: how can you not produce toxic waste now by using bulbs that are far less efficient than CFL?
What do you think is the emissions of coal-fired power plants?
Or the destruction of the river ecosystem by hydropower dams?
It\'s good to say goodbye to the old light bulb.
But the best solution is to change a new LED bulbbulb.
No Mercury, no radiation, no heat, very low energy consumption.
Many manufacturers are already ahead
Lamps and lanterns such as Philips, Osram, Joliet and Tendris (
Lames lighting with faroaks).
We already have many pilots in the Netherlands.
Project changed to LED.
LED makes things better.
Incandescent lamp, warm in winter.
In a house like me that doesn\'t use fossil fuels to generate electricity, it\'s a good thing.
Yes, of course-just like increasing the cost of cooling in summer.
So, are you going to change the bulbs every spring and autumn?
I don\'t think so . . . . . . I will not turn on the light when I am not in the room;
I use dimmers and timers extensively.
And, as one gentleman pointed out, when the house is heated, the incandescent lamp that is heated through it is not wasted (as in winter).
The dimmer is not suitable for CFLs and my experience with timers is very disappointing.
As far as I know, there is no effort to create a CFL (
LED on this matter)
It effectively reproduces the warm glow of incandescent lamps.
Glare and morgue
The atmosphere released by these things is intolerable.
People who can\'t tell the difference are either blind or lying.
If I could help, I wouldn\'t be traveling to Europe again.
A few years ago, the lights at CFLs were the morgue-
Like, but I have a few of them now, and they give a warm tone that reminds me of incandescent lamps.
They have gone a long way in the past few years.
You may need to go around, though.
There are also some that look very fluorescent.
Since you can eliminate the fire, you can no longer get rid of all incandescent lamps.
Just spend more money on research and make them more energy efficient.
CLFs and LEDs are not all answers either.
They have attributes that are not useful: 1.
CLFs produces harmonics and affects the body of some people.
They emit UV rays, which are not good for continuous opening. off operation.
They may not be suitable for existing fixtures. 2.
Led is not sustainable.
After five years of commitment, the level of light may be reduced to less than 70%.
Ten years later, the whole system must be replaced.
White is still unreliable and must consume energy to dissipate the heat generated by the driver.
Although the United States lags behind foreign colleagues for ten years in the field of lighting, fiberglass optical functional building lighting is currently known as the most energy-efficient lighting innovation.
It can be used for high
Level direction tasks, display and architecture features, and the following
Level of ambient lighting.
Lighting technology of any kind cannot serve every application.
If you choose the most effective source/system that best suits each project, you can create complex and affordable designs within the increasing limits of energy conservation.
In fact, James, I did change a lot of light bulbs in summer and winter. (
My house uses 100% of the wind, so no extra air conditioning we use will produce carbon dioxide. )
Yes, I don\'t think most people will be in trouble.
To speed up the practical day of LED lights, we can get rid of incandescent lamps and CFLs.
Does this mean that we are no longer clear?
Just curious: how do you not produce toxic waste now by using a bulb that is much less efficient than the CFL?
What do you think is the emissions of coal-fired power plants?
Or the destruction of the river ecosystem by hydropower dams?
Tom hotels in Raleigh——
Well, Tom, she knows something you don\'t know about the cute lil curlicue bulbs that scare our throat.
Start paying attention.
I live in Brazil, about 7 or 8 years ago, and in a year of severe drought, the whole country was told that it had to cut electricity consumption by 20% due to the hydro dam having to be rationed for production.
All the people who could afford it went out and bought the CFLs.
We all get used to it quickly and never look back.
Sorry I\'m American but you won\'t get my sympathy when I hear people complain about not being able to use the dimmer switch. Get a grip!
Re \"As far as I know, there is no effort to create a CFL (
LED on this matter)
It effectively reproduces the warm glow of incandescent lamps.
\"Interestingly, you should say, because for years, incandescent manufacturers have been competing to get rid of the yellow\" warm glow \"you seem to want to make brighter, whiter bulbs.
Phil from Santa Monica: \"I wouldn\'t be traveling to Europe again if I could help.
\"You should probably avoid other reasons for this terrible continent: Europeans turn off the lights when they leave the room and they use water --Half efficient
They don\'t drive Hummers and, my God, they use public transport.
Amanda, please read my post on recycling cfl at Home Depot.
They\'re safe to handle!
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