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LED Bookmarker +table Lamp (with Brightness Control)

by:Grade     2020-03-28
This is a DIY reading lamp.
I call it an LED bookmark.
Hi, I created a bookmark to help us read books in the dark.
It is a shared lamp. it is too bright for two people to read comfortably (
When using full Light)
There are some tips for this bookmark.
It\'s big but worth it compared to other bookmarks.
When I started reading a book and suddenly the lights went out, there was a bookmark in the middle of two pages and nothing was done, I had the idea! !
I want it to help me.
When you don\'t want to disturb others, LED bookmarks can be used in hotels while camping outdoors or in bed.
Its brightness can be controlled. Materials: tools;
Determines the length of the book mark, and the width can also be modified later.
Material that determines book marking, plastic or metal or paper.
Aluminum beverage cans can be made into metal beverage cans.
I chose plastic.
Cut the LED strip to the length of the bookmark. (
Look at the next step before cutting)
Cut out 2 of that length.
One bookmark per side.
Cut 2 pieces of cardboard and make flaps that prevent light from directly shining your eyes.
As shown in the figure, attach this flap to the bookmark.
It should be foldable.
Most LED light strips use a 12 v power supply, and the small battery pack does not provide a 12 v power supply, so we need to slightly modify the LED light strip depending on the battery that must be used. I have used 3. 7v li-ion battery (
From old Nokia phones).
The maximum voltage of the LED is 3. 2v (in my case)(
In most LED light strips, the maximum voltage of the LED is around 3 v).
In the LED light strip, 3 LEDs are connected in series with a resistor, which is connected in parallel with other similar groups to form a light strip.
Run these LEDs with 3.
7 v battery I have removed all resistors by dewelding.
And connect all LEDs in parallel. [
If you want to run the led under a 9 v power supply, please replace all resistors with a short resistor (
Only for LED bars with 3 LEDs in the group). ]
I have used this phone in other projects.
Therefore, please isolate all battery connectors from the mobile circuit electrically.
This can be done by using the connection around the blade cutting connector (
Don\'t cut the board).
Pull some wires out of the connector.
I have cut off the unwanted part of the moving body.
The circuit was also cut off.
But I don\'t have bcz and it might be useful for other projects. the 3.
The 7 v battery provides about 4 v when fully charged, so I have to reduce the extra 1 v in the resistor.
Two LED consumption of about 400 mA. so r=v/i, r=2. It was 5 Ohms in my case.
To control the brightness of the LEDs, I also added a pot of series. (
All of this is connected in series with the battery and led).
I made a hole in the moving body and took out the knob of the pot.
Install all the parts inside and glue them together.
Give the potentiometer a knob.
By turning the knob, the brightness of the LED can be changed.
Take it with a pot below 500E (fine)control. (
I used 1kE which was a bit rough)
Please connect the charger pin if required.
The copper wire can be removed from the coaxial wire or from the inductive coil on the scratch circuit board.
I made some clips with copper wire attached to the moving machine.
From these clips, this unit can be easily attached to books.
Attach the LED light strip to the bookmark. test it .
It also works with 2 or 3, AA or AAA rechargeable batteries and 3.
7 v battery pack.
View a demo of the brightness control video.
You can use the book tag in this way, and you can also add additional support.
Peel off a little insulation of the flexible aluminum wire.
Insert the aluminum wire through the small hole on the side into the small compartment of the moving body.
Bend aluminum wire, increase grip and fill m-seal adhesive (like sugru)
Let it dry completely.
Make two holes in the book marker pen, insert the wire and bend firmly. add some m-
Seal it firmly if needed.
Now, flexible support is ready. enjoy reading.
This is what I do for my students. or students.
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