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led closet lighting

by:Grade     2020-01-13
When we moved into our house a few years ago, none of the storage rooms had any lights.
This makes it very difficult to look for things there and I am no longer good at looking for things.
So I decided that the closets needed lights.
What I want is something that automatically opens when you open the door and evenly spread the light around the closet, not just the top, if the door opens unexpectedly, it won\'t take too much energy to run.
So I thought of this.
It is a simple LED light strip, mounted inside the door frame, pointing all the way to the closet and providing front lighting.
It is more evenly distributed than the top-down lighting system, where you have a bright top shelf and dark floor.
It has a simple magnetic switch that is operated when the door is turned on or off, and it can be connected to a simple dimmer to control the brightness of the light.
If the socket is not available, the system can run from an LED drive plugged into the wall socket, connect to a 12 v battery, or run to the ceiling to connect to a normal socket (
I don\'t have it in my closet, but you can use it if you want to remodel the existing wall lamp).
One of our closets couldn\'t even get close to the socket so it was set to run the security system 5 Amp-
One hour battery on the floor in the corner of the door frame, I occasionally take it out and charge it. (
It\'s about 9 months, so don\'t be too annoying. )
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How is this done.
LED light bars are at the heart of the building.
Measuring height (x2)
Increase the top width of the door frame and then add about 1 extra width.
This is enough to get you around the frame, but you might also want to include a couple of feet of light strips under some racks, so add a few more feet there. (
I would recommend doing this only if you have a lip in front of your shelf as it is very bright to see the LED light strip directly.
You want to hide them.
The 30 w led power driver converts your home 120 V system to the 12 V required to use the LED light strip.
These drivers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the 30 w driver provides enough power to the entire closet filled with lights without being overly damaged.
It is rather bulky, about 2 w x 1 h x 12 l, so be sure to have a place to install it.
Mine is under my cabinet.
The magnetic switch is something that you will attach to the door and door frame, very close, which will allow the door to control whether the power supply flows to the LED light.
If you don\'t use this, you either need to install some kind of light switch or you can turn the light on all the time. (
A bit wasted)
The LED dimmer is a control knob that can be connected to the system to control the power of the light.
Just like there may be dimmers in other rooms of your home.
I originally wanted to put a lamp like this in the closet to control the brightness of the light, but I found that the maximum brightness is OK almost at any time (
Unless you want to have supper and the light in the dark is too strong)
You can use this or not.
Other things you need: wires.
I usually use standard 16ga speaker wires in my LED project, but if you don\'t, take some from this link wire stripping machine-for wire stripping.
Soldering iron-for connection between wire and LED light strip.
Note: They also rarely push the connector if you want.
Light stapler-used to secure wires to the wall.
Electrical tape-used to complete the connection of wires to wires.
Let\'s take a look at the picture first.
Each part of the building has two wires, black and red.
We start with a wall socket under the cabinet, flow through the LED driver to convert to a 12 v power supply, through a small hole in the wall, through the interior of the closet, the red wire through the magnetic switch, then meet the black wire at the dimmer.
The dimmer socket is then connected to a new set of wires that extend to the LED light strip and then extend all the way around the door.
Once you physically place the components, stick them in the appropriate position with some double sided tape (
The back of the LED should already have tape)
Then start laying the wires.
I use a light decorative I-nail gun to get my wires straight and lean tight against the wall, which makes them look unfinished and not drooping.
If you want to connect more than 1 continuous LED, you can connect a parallel LED strip.
You connect the bars in parallel, all of which are connected to the same point of the dimmer.
Wherever it is, the red and black wires extend from there to each LED strip.
Each LED light strip has its own connection.
Your build may look a bit different.
You may not have to go through the wall to put the wires in the closet.
You may not have a closet near the socket, but you can insert the ceiling light fixture with the screws on the socket, replacing the normal bulb.
You can choose to turn off the battery power to run the closet. (
I will attach this photo at the bottom)
How many LEDs to run, you can only run the same number of LEDs that your drive is rated to handle.
This special drive is 30 watts, which requires 1 watt per foot of this LED tape.
5 W, so you can run up to 20 feet of the light band.
Ideally, you don\'t want to minimize your supply because it gets hot, so this 30 w driver is designed to work perfectly with these 16 drivers.
5 feet LED light strip.
Find a bigger driver if you need more lights like the master bedroom closet lighting system.
50 W or 100 W even bigger.
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