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led lamps to light up more roads

by:Grade     2020-03-26
Several of the city\'s main roads are brightly lit, all thanks to the new LED street light recently installed by Blue Hart Bengaluru mahanara Pamir (BBMP).
Civic groups begin on the main streets of the eastern and southern regions.
It plans to switch from sodium steam lights to LED lights throughout the city.
The proposal was recently approved.
In a pilot project, BBMP installed more than 800 LED lights in the Eastern District, more than 2,800 LED lights in the Southern District, and received funding approved by the 14 finance committee of 201516.
Funds received on 2016
17 will be used to replace more sodium steam street lamps throughout the city with LED lights.
According to sources, each ward in the core area (
East, West, South)
Has been approved.
Outside the district (
Mahadevapura, Bommanahalli, Dasarahalli, Yelahanka and Rajarajeshwarinagar)
Each was approved for Rs 15.
\"By switching from a sodium steam lamp to an LED light, we want to save about 60 of our electricity bills.
A source said: \"Although the 250 W sodium steam lamp on the main road was replaced by a 110 W or 90 w led light, the sodium steam lamp on the trail Road was replaced by a 65 w led light
Bhadregowda, chairman of Ward engineering Standing Committee, told Hinduism that LED street lights can not only help BBMP save electricity, but also improve lighting in the city.
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