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led retrofit for quartz halogen ceiling fan light

by:Grade     2020-01-19
Recently we bought a new house, which is new to us anyway.
If it\'s interesting, it comes from a wall drawn digitally (but acceptable)shades;
More importantly, some beautiful ceiling fans for the purpose of this structure.
I am a big LED believer and I want my house to be lit up by 100% LED.
Many ceiling fans convert them to LED is just a matter of replacing bulbs, but this lamp is more integrated with fans and uses quartz halogen lamps compared to other products.
The quartz lamps are very good in 1985, they are smaller, relatively cheap, bright and slightly more efficient than standard incandescent lamps.
But it\'s a new century and I hope I have 100% LED efficiency in my house.
For those quartz halogen lamps, there is no direct LED replacement bulb, so what should I do? Disclaimer.
This specification includes the use of mains electricity, which is 120 V in the United States.
120 V can shock you
It will scare you and kill you.
It will shock you, let you fall off the ladder and kill you.
Be sure to turn off the circuit breaker before using the wiring and use the non
The contact voltage detector used to verify its shutdown.
If you are not satisfied with your electrical abilities, do not try to do so.
The ceiling fan is about 12 inch in diameter and is very spacious.
The interior of the quartz lamp is usually spacious because the bulb is too hot and the extra space gives the space for heat dissipation.
The diameter available in the inside is. . .
Oh, nonsense, look!
These are not quartz bulbs at all.
They are a strange incandescent lamp stuffed inside.
The wire nut is black and cracked.
As soon as I saw this, I announced that the fixture was not safe and could not be used and that the wire was clipped.
Suddenly forced upgrade to LED.
Now what should I do for the led?
Because fixtures like my ceiling fan don\'t have the right LED bulb, as shown in the picture, I decided to replace the entire internal organs of the fan lamp with a cheap LED flush mounted skylantern clean-up internal organs.
The diameter of this Hyperikon LED light is 12 \", but from the illustration I find that its actual internal diameter is about 10 inch.
It\'s a very reasonable $29 from Amazon. 99.
Look at those cute guts.
A central round LED power supply and a doughnut made of dozens of surface mounted LED inlaid LED boards.
Everything is fixed with a few screws.
This should be perfect.
From the comments, I can see that the two things described by the LED fixture may not be true.
They said it was dimmable.
This is not, at least not my existing dimmer)
And it\'s instant (it takes 0. 5 seconds).
None of these things really bother me, so that\'s it. . .
There are not many steps in this step. dig it out.
Make sure the power is off!
You should only have more than two wires left.
The fan is still hanging on the ceiling so I\'m working backwards.
The black metal holder with the old lamp holder and the silver reverse disc are no longer needed, but the damn nut with them proved impossible to move.
Finally, I found out that I could work with them.
So far, I have removed the entire ceiling fan from the ceiling and reversed it between the two chairs, so I am no longer upside down.
Make sure and remove the annoying fiberglass mat.
Do not touch these things with your hands;
Handle it in a sealed plastic bag with some kind of pliers.
Stick some adhesive tape, stick it outside, and use it to completely wipe all the small pieces of glass on the fixture.
The new LEDs have round power supplies that they must use.
I thought of several ways to install it but ended up using a brass bracket
The type of isolation device used to install the motherboard in the pc.
Two of them keep the power in sufficient position to allow the wires from the ceiling fan to meander below.
I cut the wire as short as possible and used the new one (
No black crack)wire nuts.
The new LED light comes with a wire nut so there is no cost.
Very light LED board (
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