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led shop light

by:Grade     2020-01-16
The LED lights are cheap and very bright-these two things are combined to make great garage lights.
LED lights are almost non-electric, burn cooler, long life-what do you not like?
If your garage or garage store needs a brighter light, replace the ceiling fixture with the store
Buy LED shop lights (
Great improvement over fluorescence 2-
Pipe lamps)
Or do it yourself with a fraction of the cost.
I want to have more light on my workbench, so I built one.
I made a 4 feet long LED light fixture and hung it on my work area instead of a 8 feet long LED light fixture.
The one I built cost half of a store.
The cost of purchasing a fixed device is much greater, the brightness is much higher, it can work on the remote control, which is the dimmer switch.
For about $25 I have an LED light, dimmer switch and transformer for the 16\' line shaft shipped to my house.
Now I have enough light where I need it.
The design is simple and if you have all the materials ready, the whole project can be done in a few hours.
Two pieces of 1x6x8 \'pine board (
If you don\'t have any scrap wood to make two ends, take one more board. )
4 feet Jack double screw eye-free hook (
Jack chain opening size suitable)Roll of double-
Double sided adhesive tape5m wire shaft for LED light on adhesive-
LED with dimmer remote control with back-to-back transformer (optional)
A carpenter\'s glue hammer and a small nail or a DingTalk cutter or saw (for jack chain)
Measure tool slevelwire peeling, wiring nut (
If you don\'t have a power outlet in the 5 feet range that this light fixture is going to go ,)
As a first step, consider painting all your wood with bright white gloss paint (
Get the maximum reflectivity. )
You can wait for the paint painting until the fixture is built before installing the peel, just set aside time for the paint to dry completelyand-stick tape. Consider pre-
Paint all wood surfaces
Or draw as soon as you build a fixture --
Once the nails are driven, there is no need to wait for the glue to heal.
The lamps you are going to build are just the \"L\" of two 8\' boards that stick together along a long edge and nail together.
The end piece requires two triangles, which can be made of any material or eliminated together.
The light with the end and end looks better, providing an anchor point for the Bar Light.
Apply the yellow carpenter glue along a long edge of one board and attach it along the edge of the other board.
Two right triangle as the end part.
Once your fixture is dry, the time to install the lamp is up.
The lamp is mounted on the stripping-and-
Put a backing on a narrow strip over 16 feet long.
They are low voltage so you need a transformer to lower the current.
The remote control is optional, but I thought it would be handy for just six bucks.
You can order the LED strip with 5 m light on 150 (16’4”)
Or 5 meters per 300 lights.
There are larger LED lights (thus brighter)than others (The chip is 5. 0mm x 5. 0mm or 3. 5 x 2. 8mm. )
In the case of not changing too complicated, order a higher density of larger chips and you will have the brightest light.
I chose a fixture of 8 feet, mainly because a lamp post is 16. 3 feet;
Making a cycle in my fixture is almost perfect (
16 feet on both sides and below 1 feet on both ends. )
A feature of the LED light strip is that it can be cut into different lengths with ordinary scissors.
The light bar has a mark every few inches;
Cutting stripes on one of the marks does not damage the light.
LED strip stripping-and-
The adhesive backing is very good, but I have a hard time understanding that over time, the heat and humidity in my garage store can cause the adhesive to fail.
To solve this problem, first install a high quality double sided tape on the entire interior of the fixture.
This will be 8 feet down on one side and 8 feet up on the other, and 1 feet more on the end of a total of 17 feet, so buy at least one roll.
Center the double edge tape when you stick it to one side and the other.
When installing, you should remove the protective cover strip only from one side of the tape;
Be sure to remove the other guard strips once they are in place.
When you press the protective cover strip on the exposed double-sided tape, remove the protective cover strip from the LED light strip.
At one end that needs to be bent on the LED light strip, simply form a wide ring and stick to it without making any sharp bends.
At the other end you should have too many led light bars;
You can cut the LED light strip at the Mark provided.
The LED light strip can be cut with ordinary scissors, but can only be cut at the position on the lamp strip marked as cut. If in doubt -
Read the literature attached to the light axis of the lamp, carefully check the light strip and find the \"cut here\" mark.
The paint is dry and the lights are installed so you can hang the fixture now.
Install small screw eyes at each end of the fixture connected to the circuit board.
I feel more comfortable using eye bolts that are completely cut through wood and fixed with nuts --
But I tend to over-build :-)
Install or locate the connection point on the ceiling (
If you are lucky, there will be something on the ceiling, such as the garage door opener L bracket that you can use. )
If you do not find the connection point, make sure you enter the ceiling support beam with a solid screw hook.
Do not anchor the wall to the dry wall of the ceiling.
Using small S hooks, extend the Jack chain from the screw eye to the ceiling connection point and secure it with S hooks or other appropriate fasteners.
Another advantage of today\'s LED strip light is convenience-
They don\'t usually need wiring.
You need to connect the LED light strip to the transformer (
Low voltage LED strip light)
The transformer is inserted into the wall socket.
If you have an optional dimmer device, it simply inserts the line from the transformer.
The whole thing is \"plug and play\"and-
If there is a power outlet near you, please play \".
Ceiling in most garages
Double socket installed near the garage opener motor housing;
You can plug the new light into the socket.
If you\'re too far away or don\'t have a socket, plan to do some simple wiring --
Or an electrician!
If there is a ceiling lamp (
Switch from wall works normally)
You can tie the electric box under the lamp.
This allows you to easily install wall switches for new LED fixtures.
When you turn on the original ceiling light, the dimmer remote control will allow you to dim or turn off the LED light fixture independently.
Enjoy your new light
You will be surprised how much light it has emitted.
But if you want more light, one of the benefits of LED lights is that you can add more lights without increasing the electrical load of the circuit.
In addition, \"plug and play\"and-
Play \", add another line axis lamp (
Or a few lines)is quite easy.
You just plug one into the otherthat\'s it!
So if you want to light up all the remote corners of the garage, it\'s a simple question of building another fixture, installing the lights, and connecting the two together.
The literature accompanying your LED shipment will explain how this is done (
The connector will ship with your light if you need it. )
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