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let there be light

by:Grade     2020-01-14
Home lighting is a complex topic today.
Once upon a time, it was simply a matter of distributing enough desk lamps throughout the space to ensure at least the overall light.
Remember 1970 of the wires everywhere? In order to get the lights to where we need them, the fixtures that swing on the table? (
Do I even need to mention that these may be mcalame or Tiffany glass? )
Everything has changed today.
Now, with technology and affordable price points, people can choose a large number of new lighting styles and systems that provide not only the foundation, but also the atmosphere.
What happened to the pot lamp?
In any new home in GTA, look up at the ceiling and you will find that the general lighting is mainly handled by recessed pot lights spread throughout the room.
These are smaller and less visible than the original size used in 1970 and 1980s, as their interior is black and there is a huge floodlike bulbs.
Today they are about 3 \"to 4\" in diameter and installed flush with the ceiling to create a smooth, clean look.
To be frank, the danger of pot lighting is that too much is added.
I mean, there are too many lights on the ceiling and it looks more like an airport than a warm home setting.
This can happen when the contractor or the homeowner chooses to add lights too close to the ceiling.
Instead, the target light is required to provide additional lighting through other sources, such as tasks and environments, to achieve regular brightness. (
More information about this in a minute. )
Consider the general grid pattern for a good pot lamp design, but don\'t take over the ceiling.
Separate the lights 36 \"to 48\" and consider highlighting certain areas by grouping the pots.
For example, add a pair on a fireplace cover or artwork.
Too many pot lights look busy and attract too much attention to the ceiling.
The goal of lighting is to highlight what is underneath it, not the light source!
Many customers often ask me about LED (
As manufacturers create new ways to get better brightness with less energy consumption.
Originally thought that the color temperature used in the house was \"too Blue\", with the temperature of the led now matching the temperature of the ordinary filament bulb, this changed but required less maintenance, which means
They can be used as pot lights or table lamps, but they can also work under cabinets or as hidden lighting due to their slim nature and low heat emissions.
Specific tasksTask lighting is an important addition to any space that requires specific lighting, such as a kitchen table top.
LED lighting has replaced fluorescent tubes as it can be installed in smaller openings such as drawers or closets.
And they are dimmable!
Unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs are completely dimmable, but be sure to invest in high-quality dimmers to make sure it can read the lower energy transfer of LEDs, otherwise dimmers may not work
For people like me, it seems difficult for them to have enough light in key areas like closets, bathrooms and mud rooms where specific sometimes subtle tasks are being performed (
I\'m thinking about applying for makeup)
, Add more lighting sources instead of less.
Remember, each set of lights can be switched individually, so all you need to do is operate the lights you need at the time.
The ultimate lighting category for creating an atmosphere is ambient or ambient lighting to add to any space.
Of course, by adding dimmers to your pot lights, you have created this!
This is an important part of making the space look rich, soft and warm, so including chandeliers, grills or chandeliers can also add style.
As we move into a more natural summer season, before we don\'t have enough lighting, we forget how important lighting is!
Maybe it\'s necessary to have a lighting overhaul, which is a good investment in your home, like any other Reno you do is different, and if you can\'t see it, it doesn\'t make much sense to do it!
The key is good lighting!
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