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let there be light: new york restaurants emerge from dark dining era

by:Grade     2020-01-22
Flashlights used to be not an essential device for dinner at a New York restaurant.
But about ten years ago, Brooklyn
The city was replaced by ish aesthetics, and the restaurant became darker.
The wall panels of recycled wood darkened the atmosphere and the high lights on the ceiling were turned off --
Or replace it with a faint Edison light bulb.
A thoughtful hipster atmosphere even took over the most upscale food spots.
Diners need to take out their cell phones not only to take pictures of their dishes, but also to take a look at the menu. This is changing.
Check out the restaurants around for dinner time and you can see-
Whether you\'re sitting at a conspicuous hanging banquet at the Lobster Club at the Seagrams Building or Brooklyn\'s trendy Thai Union ugly baby.
Anita Summers, lighting expert at Cooper Carry Johnson Studios, a design company that works with restaurants and hotels across the country, sees a shift in atmosphere from Moody\'s to Ellie.
\"The dark lights can be attributed to Brooklyn-
Esque\' design, but it dates back to the era of white tables with tight dramatic light in the middle of the table, \"Summers explains.
\"It\'s all about food, so the point of lighting is this.
This has changed in part due to social media.
Now, Summers notes, diners want to witness the whole experience by themselves and sharing.
\"In addition to the food, there are photos of friends, photos of the table above the head, floor tiles, original art works, and anything that captures the\" atmosphere \"of the restaurant,\" she said . \".
But there are other factors at work in the transition, in addition to the need to show the world how happy you are.
If there is a torn food in New York, it is Japanese cuisine.
In the past 18 months, dozens of restaurants have represented food, from elegant Mifune to Michelin and other classic steakhouses.
Sushi starring Ginza Ono Temple.
And, of course, all the ramen noodles.
Many restaurants have lights like you can see in the doctor\'s office.
This is because the Japanese believe that the transparency of the meal is important.
$7 million, 190-
Seat Sen saqana, 44 West Street, Nikkei (
Peruvian, Japan)
The food is being served, the restaurant is brightly lit during the day, expensive lights are installed in the center of the restaurant, and LED bars are around the sushi bar and banquet.
Owner warwartski says lunch is 80% of the restaurant\'s business.
\"We have created an environment where businessmen and women can work --
Review documents, review transactions.
We don\'t want this place to be too romantic for the lunch crowd in Midtown.
In Aotian, the new eight of luxury
Chelsea\'s omakase spot seats, the street outside is already dark, and the first seats are 6. m.
Here, however, there is a light that reminds you of the lab.
This is a purposeful move by chef/owner chef Endo hiro Endo: \"Everything should take into account the customer,\" he said.
\"There is no mask, no secret.
\"Some of the main restaurants in Midtown have also brightened.
The new Lobster Club has precise lighting installed in chartreuse banquettes and throughout the restaurant.
\"The lights of the lobster club are special,\" co-
Owner Jeff zaratnik
\"We have achieved a hard-to-explain balance in brightness and intimacy.
The best credit in business ,[designers]
Peter Mariano and Dutch Descottes. ”Long-
This style is also adopted in the standing restaurant.
Michael lomonnaco, chef at the Porter Tower, noted that his restaurant in Time Warner Center had plenty of natural light from the window walls, so they decided to make the most of it in a recent renovation
\"The light and warm color taste are at the heart of our vision.
Working with our architect, Jeffrey Beers, we have added Pearl wall covering, which reflects soft light throughout the main restaurant, as well as emphasizing mirrors and polished chrome finishes.
\"The owner of the restaurant behind the nearby fish mecca Milos also made a brighter restaurant the focus of their decoration.
Chef and boss Costas Spiliadis wants diners to feel transported.
\"An open, airy restaurant evokes memories of a leisurely afternoon in the Mediterranean, and it is in this mindset that we begin to redesign the main restaurant in New York City.
Replaced the original hardwood floor with imported Greek marble
The same marble used on the Temple
A new brightness is added to the column after mirroring.
However, not everyone thinks it\'s all about the lights.
Gabriel Stulman\'s West Village restaurant empire includes Joseph Leonard and Fedora, who did not put brighter lights when he turned on his new ferfax nearby.
But he did paint the walls and ceiling White to lighten the atmosphere --day café.
\"It\'s about people designing lighter, brighter spaces,\" he said . \" He recorded some changes.
\"If your floor used to be dark walnut, it is now natural oak.
Your table is honey now.
Not black.
Your bar is marble, not mahogany.
Stulmansee sees another factor in making the restaurant brighter: money.
\"People used to have a smaller budget for building restaurants.
Today, people spend more money on their buildings, which requires more consultation with complex lighting designers.
Effect: The room is brighter.
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