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light on your wallet: top lighting solutions for managers. (ductape).

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Soaring utility costs have forced property managers to readjust their energy spending and adopt more efficient lighting solutions.
Property managers can control costs by applying several new lighting technology solutions.
Many products can help managers reduce energy and lighting costs.
Getting smart managers should investigate \"smart\" fluorescent lamps with integrated sensors to help save energy.
Theerglight office lighting and control system from LED lighting
Specific lighting with three
Lamps for each compartment.
Two amplifiers provide downward lighting on the task, and one lamp provides downward lighting on the job.
Dimming ballasts connected to daylight sensors and occupy-free sensors can operate lamps.
The occupant controls the lighting level through a computer.
Lamar lighting (www. lamarlighting. com)
A series of careers in manufacturing
Smart light fixtures equipped with occupancy sensors, can stay in working condition at low brightness and switch to high level during check-in.
These fixtures are ideal for corridors, stairwells, restrooms, and other areas that do not require maximum brightness.
Automatic lighting control without vacancy reduces usage time, reduces kilowatt hours and costs, and occupancy sensors control lighting in spaces that are not continuously occupied.
The latest check-in identification controls do not require manual adjustment, reducing costly debugging time.
These adaptive sensors contain a microprocessor that analyzes activity and adjusts sensitivity and time delay settings to meet the needs of the control area.
The sensor is now zero.
Cross relay to prevent in-problem
Electronic ballast current that occurs with total harmonic distortion (THD)
Under 20%
These re-detect the 60 hz waveform of the power cord and delay turning off the content until the next Zero
Cross where there is no current flow to prevent-rush.
Many major manufacturers of lighting products offer such automation solutions.
Brilliant photo photoelectric tube is an electrical switch device that works when the light shines on the photoelectric tube for opening and closing the outdoor lighting system at dawn.
The cheapest photocells use cadmium sulfur batteries, but after several years of use they degrade due to exposure to the sun and lose sensitivity.
When the sensitivity of the photocell is reduced, the resulting energy savings are reduced.
Electronic photocells using solid
In this state, Silicon phototransistors that do not lose sensitivity can be used to assemble the cadmium sulfide layer. The solid-
State-of-the-wire tubes are used longer, saving energy and labor, and easily rewarding initial cost investments.
Managers and owners looking to cut spending on outdoor lighting are better off looking for solutions that offer more flexibility and costeffectiveness.
The Bay connection Bay lighting system can be upgraded using T5 fluorescent lamps (5/8-inch diameter)
And their ballast, which is 12-
18% more efficient than T8 lamps.
They provide higher light output in restricted applications and more available lumens per watt.
All lamps in the standard T5 series have the same surface brightness.
No matter what length of light is used to fill in the length of the Bay (
549, 849, 1149 or 1449mm)
Uniform brightness. The highbulb-
However, the brightness of the walls limits applications that are invisible to bulbis or on high ceilings.
Flexible new ballast from Advance (www.
Advanced transformer. com)
One or two standard T5 lights for any wattage can be powered (
14, 21, 28 or 35 watts).
T5HOlamps are recommended for brighter lighting equipment and other indirect lighting applications.
Their physical measurements are the same as small wattage, standard T5 lamps, but provide a higher lumen output.
Half the number of lights can be used because they produce almost twice the light output of the standard T5 and almost twice the light output of the t8 or T12 system.
The surface brightness of T5HO varies with different power (
24, 39, 54 or 80 watts)
The lamp works at different currents, so the wattage of each lamp requires a unique ballast.
They\'re about 10-
15 percent less efficient than standard T5 lamps and 8% less efficient than T8 systems.
New Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
Combining Mercury with other metals to form an mercury alloy is a major improvement.
The mercury alloy makes the lamp less sensitive to the influence of temperature and location.
Most \"three\" tubes are mercury alloys. Screw-
Compact fluorescent lamps including maxlire (www. maxlite. com)
Can be used for high
Replacement 200-ceiling application
300 W incandescent lamp.
The efficiency of each model is 65 lumens-per-watt (LPW)
Rated life is 10,000 hours. A new four-pin, 57-watt rapid-
Starting CFL with a rated brightness of 4,300 lumens, designed for high ceilings.
There are several electronic ballasts, Osram-
Sylvania provides a complete system of lamps and ballasts.
Two major improvements in managing metal gold halogen lamps are to push the trend to white light by replacing high halogen lamps
Incandescent lamps and halogen sources.
Metal halides of ceramic arc tubes (CMH)
Philips lamp use with high-
The pressure sodium arc tube can change the color movement and the spectral change.
The CMH lamp has a temperature of 50 to 400 watts (3000K)or cool (4000K)
Color temperature-rendering (CRI)
Ratings up to 92.
Applications include downlights in the hotel lobby and atrium, as well as lighting items.
Standard metal halides in 175-
The 1000 W range accounts for 70 percent of existing applications and will be CMH or pulse-start (PS)
Lights, such as models of venture capital. Pulse-
Start the arc tube through a high voltage pulse (4 kV).
The best PS lamp performance is generated by a forming arc tube with uniform shape and high filling pressure.
Increase temperature control and reduce lightsto-
Color changes and other design changes in the lamp cause lumen maintenance up to 80%, up to 110lumens-per-
Tile lamp effect, warm up 50%-up and re-
Strike, longer life, more consistent lights-to-lamp color.
New lights No ExitLEDs (LED)
Energy is the export mark. efficient (5watts), cavity-
Lighting units for any building application are beautiful.
The new generation of LEDs has higher quality, longer life and 30 times higher brightness than the first generation of devices.
LED outlet lights also reduce maintenance costs due to long service life. A newsolid-state, light-
Design of capacitor exit sign from light panel (www. lightpanel. com)uses one-
Quarterly Watt, rated 30-yearlife.
While rising energy costs and the need to improve energy efficiency pose challenges for owners and managers, even minor lighting changes can make a huge difference. John Fetters (
Johnlfetters @ database services. com)
Is a certified lighting efficiency professional and person in charge of effective lighting solutions Co. , Ltd.
A lighting consulting company specializing in energy
Effective solution.
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