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light up your dining room the right way

by:Grade     2020-01-21
One of the most subtle features of the room can completely change the look and feel of the space.
Lighting is a key element of each room, but in the dining room, lighting is often the most striking form.
Whether the dining area is formal or casual, whether it\'s homework or board games, the light fixtures set the tone.
Jeffrey Dross, senior product manager at Kichler Lighting, said the first step was to determine the style of the space.
\"In general, the last thing people look at is the lights,\" he said . \"
They have chosen a look for their home and the designer will help them understand the aesthetics of the lights in the room.
This includes taking into account the size of the room, the size of the dining room table and the proportion of the table.
\"Most Americans buy lamps every seven years,\" he said . \"
The range of styles and prices can easily be overwhelming.
He suggested bringing the proportion of the room and the details of the table and furniture into the store.
Mike Craft, a senior custom lighting designer with a Metro Lighting Center, says the key things he sees when he walks into a space are furniture, floors and walls.
\"If the walls are dark and the floor is dark, the chandelier does nothing in the room,\" he said . \".
He suggested putting the canned lights in the corner of the room.
Then he adds two bullet holes, low.
Voltage, recessed tank opposite the chandelier.
This allows for three dimensions of light in one room, he explained.
He will use three dimmers in one room to create light.
For the lights on the periphery, he suggested that the lighting voltage be 70.
The two recessed inner lights can be lit up to 90 and the chandelier is set to 35.
\"It\'s a great look for a dinner party,\" he said . \".
Also, this is a cheap way to renovate the room.
He also considered the type of portable lighting that the client may wish to use in the room.
If they had a sideboard instead of a kitchen cabinet, he might suggest putting a pair of lights on the sideboard.
Some people like to use wall lights to add light, but this is a relatively permanent option, he said.
\"You should know that you want your design to stay that way.
He also suggested shoppers bring a picture of the space they want or a sample of the color of the fabric.
Ben Swofford, the design manager at your fingertips, also recommends that customers know the purpose of the room.
Do they want to add the chandelier to add more light to the function, or for the purpose of decoration?
In addition to taking into account other light sources in the room and whether the lights are on the dimmer switch, he would also like to know how much natural light is available.
\"A simple chandelier may not be possible,\" he said . \"
The subway lighting center employs certified lighting experts.
The company provides these specific guidelines for customers who purchase dining areas: the formal ChandeliersA chandelier should be in good proportion to your table, but not necessarily the room.
The minimum diameter of the chandelier should be about 15 cm narrower than the width of the table on both sides of you. 8 rooms
Foot ceiling, hanging chandelier so that the bottom of the fixture is about 75 to 85 cm above the top of the table.
In a room with a high ceiling, the chandelier will increase by 1 feet for every 7 cm ceiling height increase.
Be careful not to block the view of the opposite guests.
Also, keep in mind any special centers you may use.
The style of the fixture is also important and needs to be considered.
For example, hanging a \"bowl\" or contemporary disk fixture at a lower height would be more attractive, although a complex crystal chandelier might hang on a higher level, so people may appreciate the various cuts of the crystal.
Keep in mind the specific activities that may occur on your table in addition to eating.
For example, if you play cards on the table, the light bulb pointing to the light fixture below or below will give you more light.
The arm of the chandelier pointing up to the ceiling may not provide enough light, so consider supplementing it with two recessed lights that are placed 45 cm away from the outside diameter of the chandelier.
Another option is to place four recessed fixtures above the four corners of the table.
Recreational dining facilities that provide lighting in these areas require functionality and fashion.
Consider what activities may occur in the area you are lighting.
Kids may be doing homework or your family likes to play games at the table or at the kitchen table.
Select a light fixture and the light points down to the surface instead of the chandelier and all the lights point to the ceiling.
However, if you use this area strictly for dining, use indirect lighting and the light bulb points upwards to create a softer, more relaxed mood.
Pendant lighting TipsPendant lights are especially useful directly on working surfaces such as kitchen island, kitchen sink, kitchen table and game table.
Most rays are projected down to illuminate the working face directly.
Metal chandeliers direct light to the table, while chandeliers with glass or translucent shadows direct light to the surroundings.
Because most pendants are turned on using bare bulbs or bottom, they create glare when using high wattage bulbs.
Use a frosted globe
Shape bulbs and dimmers that help control this glare.
Hang a pendant-style fixture so that the bottom is about 75 cm above the top of the table and its size is about 30 cm narrower than the diameter or width of the table.
Since it has the bottom of an opening, as mentioned above, you\'ll want to hang it lower and hang it directly on the working surface to avoid glare from the light bulb.
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