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by:Grade     2020-05-30
\"Good lighting will make your plan a success or failure. \" Fact.
Yes, no matter what style of house you live in, our age motto works equally well.
To illustrate this, we used front and back Photography in our own Cottage restaurant, but similar rules apply whether you live in a city, suburb or cottage setting.
Lighting is divided into five different categories for us: environment, tasks, mood, accent and decor.
The creative use of lighting will help you illuminate the distinctive features, make a style statement, and of course, it will make you see better results.
While these last words sound obvious, you won\'t believe the number of houses we see like caves.
Leaving aside important things, let\'s light things up by revisiting the above categories: the environment: this basic form replaces the natural sun, or enhances the natural sun, allowing you to go from room to room
We recommend adding dimmers to change the level of lighting required.
Ambient lighting is usually achieved through the ceiling
Wall-mounted curtains
A fixture or chandelier installed.
Tasks: This category helps with any work that requires additional lighting and is usually associated with side lights (
Help with reading, making or sewing)
Or in the kitchen. under cabinet)
Help prepare food.
Mood: This category is about placing shadow floodlights behind an indoor plant, sofa or chair, or using blurry low
Wattage options designed to enhance low power
Lighting environment.
Focus: strategically locate the orientation point to precisely locate the artwork or sculpture, or track the lighting on the island side of the cantilever marble kitchen to make it look more architectural.
Decorative: a place where forms and functions are combined.
Or, in other words, the light itself is as important as the light it emits.
For example, Tiffany models that offer eclectic air, Arco lights that create a retro modern sense, or Mathmos lava lights that scream for 1970 seconds.
Our Lighting Guide: Living room: Why do many people rely on a pendant or a few lonely desk lamps?
List what you need from your space-comfortable TV viewing lighting and sofa hugging lighting, overhead lighting for children to play or task lights for reading-then plan everything carefully.
Create attractive little illustrations by placing decorative lights on both sides of credenza or surrounding the sofa with occasional tables and lights.
Restaurant: make sure it is low enough to create a private pool of lights when hanging the pendant, but not stab into the eyes of every eater.
At our Cottage restaurant, as we can see here, we combine the artificial antlers chandelier with the side lights, and of course, to get extra flexibility, we made the perfect on the dimmer
Kitchen lighting: keep the emphasis on \"tasks (
Ensure food safety)and ‘ambient’.
Also relevant if you have an open \"mood\" lighting
Concept Kitchen, hope it looks attractive when not in use.
Avoid fabric tones as they absorb grease and smell and keep the lights on the counter to release the work area.
Bedroom: think about the lighting around, the side lights for dressing up and making the bed, for reading, and maybe the floor lamp next to the chair.
Previously, in order to make room for companion space by the bed, we hung long and low ceiling pendants on both sides of the bed.
Alternatively, in order to create a comfortable hotel atmosphere, we installed an angle balance wall light on the bed. Lighting 101. Succinctly…1.
Sometimes the smallest changes make a huge difference.
Add a $20 dimmer to create the mood when the button is twisted. 2.
Don\'t expect the center pendant to provide enough lighting-the best --
Bright rooms are those with overhead and side lighting. 3.
The hallway is dressed in a slender console with lights at both ends that complement the overall decoration and look great.
Put the mirror in the middle and bounce the light further. 4. Under-
When the overhead option is closed at night, the \"task\" of the cabinet looks great and can be used as \"mood \". 5.
The ceiling is low and don\'t let the pendant fixtures and pot lights on.
Select a \"free\" flowerpot or track that does not interfere with the \"eyeliner. 6.
Instead, for the sake of the \'no\' higher ceiling, hang a striking central light fixture to attract attention away from the vertical ratio. 7.
Scented candles provide pleasure in sight and smell.
But don\'t be left unattended or keep the flame away from the fabric. 8.
Take the plunge and look for less obvious sources-consignment shops, eBay and Kijiji are perfect for cheap lighting;
You will feel that the inventory is completely open.
If you have any questions about safety, ask the professional to check the new parts.
In the case of our meticulous responsibility, the lighting is really simple.
So, turn these overhead down, turn the side lights up, and we\'ll see you next week-completely glowing!
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