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light up your life with chandeliers!

by:Grade     2020-05-31
You can change the whole look of aspace by expressing your personality, setting your mood, or lighting the space in the best way possible.
Desk lamps and floor lamps are often used in living rooms and family rooms to provide overall lighting, which can only be provided with chandeliers.
The chandelier is one of the most important ways to light up any space, mainly the living room.
Cutting glass, small bulbs, copper flower accessories, spread light and stained glass add beauty to achandelier.
The word chandelier refers to a candle holder for lamps and lanterns suspended from the ceiling, usually with branch support and two or more candles or lights.
The earliest chandelier was smaller than the cross --
Shape formed by two wooden beams with price (spike)ateach end.
The first chandelier in Britain (1675)
Only hung in extremely rich and powerful palaces and mansions.
The appearance of more effective light sources such as paraffin and incandescent lamps reduces the function of crystal chandeliers.
Even without the lights, it was pushed to a new position as a decoration.
The great era of hand-made historic chandeliers was achieved in the 18 th and 19 th centuries, when the lead crystal mixture sparkled in the ballroom and living room of Europe and the United States, in our imagination, with the sound of warm music, the sound of murmmurm, the sand of the silk dress.
The 1970 s and 1980 smight bring the end of the chandelier easily.
Today, we have made full use of the advances in lighting technology;
This allows us to control the color and intensity of the light, thus ensuring that the room has all the light and shadows needed.
Initially, in order to add decoration and function, the Mirror, shiny brass plate and light
Broken Rock (quartz)
These candle holders spread and reflect light from the Earth.
The pressed glass pieces are used, but they appear dull due to the lack of refraction.
The glass is also crisp and cannot be cut and formed like a crystal.
Seek a substitute.
1676 British glass manufacturer George ravinklov has developed a new type of crystal glass similar to Crystal.
Lead oxide is added to the glass during the manufacturing process, which makes the material soft and highly refractive.
This new material is easier to cut and even easier to refraction than crystal.
While this was a new idea in Europe at the time, in ancient miso, the use of lead oxide to enhance the brilliance of the glass was well known.
Beautiful mouth and curve
In the Venetian island of Murano, the glass chandelier is about 1700 metres old.
At the end of 1800, Daniel swalovsky of Austria began his career in stone cutting and crystal manufacturing.
Swarovski applied for a patent for the machine that cut the jewel.
He expanded the use of the technology, including cutting crystal chandelier pieces.
He perfectly reached the purity of lead glass crystal to a state without legal color.
There doesn\'t seem to be a final option, and with the rediscovery of the new gene, this option will increase, such as the glittering stained glass chandeliers used by rajahs and Persianprinces in India.
The chandelier is an expensive lighting device and even a little hard to maintain, and all the effort is worth it when you consider its overall effect on boosting the atmosphere in your space.
\"Innovation and exclusivity are two guiding factors for Chandelier pricing,\" said Shripal Jain of Thane . \".
Shripal hassingle hanging chandelier with a price range of Rs 390 to RS 1350, while the starting price of multiple hanging chandeliers is Rs 500, up to Rs, depending on the number of lights and the size of the chandelier.
The price soared by 50% by adding some crystals or specific lighting requirements.
As far as the pattern is concerned, the chandelier is designed under the influence of Europe and the East.
Clean the money Cabinet 1.
Take out all the bulbs and put them aside. 2.
Spread the towel to the bottom of the sink or dish.
Half fill this with medium hot water.
Add soap or detergent and stir suds. 3.
Fill a large pot with clean hot water for rinse.
Add a little ammonia to this rinse water for extra shine.
Also, pad this pot with towel to prevent broken glass. 4.
To clean, remove the crystal drops and tea tray from the studio, there are a few at the time.
Wipe the frame or \"arm\" of the chandelier with a thick cloth screwed out from suds \". 5.
Wash parts in sudsy water.
Wash with hot water and dry.
Then put them back right away and make sure they go in the right place.
If any needle or thread looks weak or rusty, please put in a new needle or thread. 6.
Continue to remove, clean and re-clean
Hang up more parts until the whole piece is clean. 7.
Get rid of the sponge on the bulb
Dry them and put them in the socket.
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