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living rooms decorated with fall colors

by:Grade     2020-06-23
Colene EGEN, Architectural Digest.
The rooms are full of earthy tones and orange colors, giving a comfortable Autumn feel.
Jewelry designer James Taffin de Givenchy\'s the shadow of an orange and red accent [
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Seating area included.
Designer Tino Zervudachi\'s living room in a Paris apartment is decorated with artificial doors
Cognac-turtle pattern
Colored silk curtains decorated in brown velvet, and a pair of Jansen armchairs in 1940;
Between the windows, a sculpture of Luisa Miller stands in front of the gouache of Joseph Bayes.
Designer Thomas Jayne convinced the owner of the Philadelphia family to line up on the wall of the living room with chocolate
Brown Dutch and Sherry cotton provides a unique background for the large Chuck Close portrait bill and other artworks.
This historic Boston townhouse decorated by Wells and Fox features Christopher\'s Wool painting; the custom-
An armchair made in a bay window, dressed in Claremont fabric. Snuff-
Brown silk covers the walls of the living quarters of fashion designer and art collector Kasper Manhattan apartments.
His collection of master paintings and paintings took up the space to a large extent.
In the library in Kansas City, Missouri, a Williams-style apartment
There are two sitting areas in the hotel; the polished-
The nickel floor lamp on the right and the brown wall paint are all made of repair hardware.
Richard Lambert and John Truks Manhattan apartments have 70 generations of silk screens hanging on their sofas;
The Tan of the painting on the wall is brown by the Velcro and the ball.
Above the living room fireplace of this French farmhouse hangs a 40 s Sunflower Mirror in a troubled Golden Leaf, made by Jean-
Louis den IoT and his sister Virginia den IoT.
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