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LOOKALIKES; Gold table lamps.

by:Grade     2020-04-28
On a dark night, light up your life with this stylish desk lamp for autumn and winter.
\"Bling\" is all the rage, and these black and golden things occupy this position.
If you have the money to spend Star\'s elegant and decadent glam lamp (on the left)
Julian MacDonald of Debenhams (
Call 0844561 6161. It\'s a limited-
Version 76 cm lights (30ins)
Height 22g gold-
Gold plated base, Gold
Colored plastic curtains covered in black silk are priced at £ 300.
A similar table lamp, but smaller at 56 cm hours (22ins)
LessOTT is Next\'s Lucas desk lamp (
08702 435435, www. next. co. uk).
Can\'t see a little precious metal, because there\'s precious gold --
The color base is made of artificial silk.
But it cost 28. CAPTION(S)
: 300 pounds in kind. . . Star lamp (left)has a gold-
Unlike the cheaper option for Next, the plating base;
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