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luxurious condo in old montreal is ultimate pied-à-terre

by:Grade     2020-03-28
Built in 1922, the building is located in the Old Port of Montreal, at 1000 of the San Dela commune. E.
It was a cold-
Once it is out of date, it will definitely be removed, but it has been preserved by its striking architecture and elegant Italian style.
Brick and concrete industrial buildings were considered a beautiful thing at that time.
Therefore, it was declared as a landmark building of historical significance by Viejo Society-
In 2006, it was converted into a luxury apartment for $0. 12 billion.
Called \'héritage du Vieux-
The port is now one of the city\'s most prestigious residential addresses. This 14-room, 641-square-metre (6,900-square-foot)
The penthouse is one of the most luxurious units in the building.
Distributed on five floors, each connected by a private elevator, the list of facilities for the unit is mindboggling.
Including: five luxurious bathrooms, a TV screen in the mirror, five kitchens (
Gourmet version and four service kitchens)
, 9 fireplaces, 14 dishwashers and a smart-
Home system that controls music, lights, blinds on each TouchPad.
930 outdoor terrace-square-metre (10,000-square-foot)
Landscape oasis with heated walkway, four fireplaces, a spa, two BBQ stations, etc.
The couple, who often travel between New York and Hong Kong, must find time to attend many events such as the Jazz Festival in Montreal, and of course eat in our world --
First class restaurant.
When the couple visited a few years ago, they fell in love with the apartment as soon as they saw it.
They were fascinated by the magnificent view of 180.
Degree view from the terrace overlooking St
-River LawrenceSte-
There are clock tower and beach, as well as old port.
The apartment has been generously appointed by the former owner, walls and buildings-
In the fine wood furniture of precious forest
Sapele, cumaru, Rosewood.
So all you need is a decoration to match.
The interior decorators hired chose a pastel white and gray color palette with modern but timeless furniture, most importantly to evoke ultimate comfort.
One could not help but fear the unusually spacious entrance with a vertical tempered glass waterfall on one side of the entrance and a steel tempered glass spiral staircase on the other to the top floor.
It is the same as all the stairs in the building, which is not a coincidence as it was designed by the same architect.
A right turn in the hallway leads to a separate unit with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
It\'s humorously called in-laws suite.
The wood on the wall is walnut, cut with a method called bookmark matching.
The technology includes cutting sheets (veneer)
From the same piece of wood, so that when placed side by side, their patterns mirror each other like an open book.
The first floor is dedicated for entertainment and relaxation, and the entrance leads directly to the elevated living room with custom furniture
Sofa and armchair with fabric.
The coffee table is modern and antique with six Lions --
Head legs and tempered glass top.
Family room, this is a step-down living room with advancedof-the-
The art sound system hidden behind the beautiful paneled wall. The light-
The colored furniture is well coordinated with the wooden tones of the room.
Living area the other side of the sliding doors to restaurant.
All doors of the apartment have the same design, a wooden frame with tempered glass panels.
The wood is sapele, harvested from trees that grow in the Central African tropical forest.
It is increasingly used as a replacement for the increasingly scarce mahogany.
The floor of the restaurant is Brazilian cherry wood with marble fireplace.
The colored artwork on the wall was painted by the lady.
Although the restaurant is only a few feet away from the service kitchen, it is equipped with its own dishwasher.
On the second floor, part of the wall behind the stairs of the library room is the back wall
Light the onyx agate panel in the steel frame to create a beautiful lighting effect. The restaurant-size gourmet-
The style kitchen on this floor is the place where the chef dreams come true with the topof-the-
Wire appliances, one four
There is a drawer dishwasher, wine fridge, fireplace and Long Island with marble.
The front of the chair stretches out a glass shelf supported by three metal tubes, an elegant way to provide an appetizer for guests.
Round glass
Top table in cage-
It can sit six like a steel base.
A patio door leads to 930square-metre (10,000-square-foot)
Outdoor terrace with birds-
Vision of the city.
It is also one of the best private venues in town to watch the annual international fireworks competition.
Reflecting the industrial past, the metal of the building is an important part of the overall decoration, from steel stairs to metal belts on paneled walls and future lighting equipment.
But the effect is never cold.
In addition to the service kitchen on this floor, the living room has its own small bar and gas fireplace.
This painting, which represents Van Gogh\'s painting, was also signed by the lady, who showed undeniable talent in art and imagination.
When two rooms and suites occupy the third floor, the fourth floor is completely occupied by the main suite.
The bedroom exudes a comfortable appeal with a king
The size of the bed and future shiny metal and black leather armchairs.
The remaining ground space is occupied by a large walk
In the closet and in the standsalone dressers.
Very large suite with large windows facing the old port and Mount Royal.
The marble covers the floor and, like all five bathrooms in the apartment, the floor is heated.
The frosted glass cube in the middle is a shower with shower head.
Exotic wooden vanity with marble countertop has two underneath
Installed washbasin.
Next to the dresser is the toilet because of its shape, a new design is called The hatbox toilet.
The patio door next to the tub leads to the private deck.
Finally, the top floor is divided into a home office, gym, bar, kitchenette and bathroom. A futuristic-looking clear-
The plastic bubble chair hangs on the ceiling, not far from the stairs leading to the lower floor.
If all this is not luxurious enough, the building is equipped with salt
There are pools and steam baths, wine cellars with temperature control, and reception rooms for lavish parties.
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