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Milk Bottle Lamp

by:Grade     2020-04-30
The milk bottle, which used to be a firm family partner, went through a difficult period.
At the age of 60, more than a quarter of Americans sent milk.
By 2004, that figure was less than 1%.
However, the rise of organic food and the rise of CSA have brought people back to production.
Our local market is not selling fragile plastic boxes, but beautiful thick glass bottles of milk.
I made a pair of reading lights by combining two quart bottles with some Ikea Ledberg LED light strips and several fence posts.
On the side of the sofa, the day is a simple modern pillar, and the evening is a smooth, atmospheric light.
Most of what they use is recycled materials, about $20 per piece, and it takes about 8 hours to assemble.
You need these tools :-Table saw-
Chop saw or hand saw and Mitter box-
Small boat saw-Chisel-Drill press (preferred)or hand drill-Soldering iron-Wire nippers-Wire strippers-Tape measure-Pencil-Square-Rubber gloves-Bucket-
The following materials are required :-
1 Ikea Ledberg 3-
LED light bars (per lamp)-
1 quart glass bottle-6-
4x4, scrap of pallet wood or similar materials-Solder-
Electrical tape-4 rubber cone-
Cork shape-Superglue-Self-
Adhesive wind and rain stripping-Rubber epoxy-
Frost painting-
Clear Spray paint I spent quite a bit of time in some online homes-
Brew the forum to discover the best way to remove the bottle label.
Everyone swears to Star San, a mild phosphate used to disinfect brewing equipment.
Even after soaking overnight at twice the recommended concentration, Star San only successfully faded the label slightly.
It turns out that the milk bottle has something called the application of ceramic labels, a baked goods
In graphics, it takes thousands of heights.
Washing temperature-and-reuse cycles.
To get rid of it, I applied armor etching and sat the bottle for about half an hour.
I then scrubbed the bottle with a steel wire with rubber gloves, both of which ate the label and lightly frosted the glass.
I also put armor etching in the bottle and sway it to the inner surface of the etched glass.
However, the process left a simple end.
To solve this problem, I thoroughly cleaned the bottle with hot soapy water and then painted it with several layers of frost.
It is well attached to the rough glass, but I have added several layers of transparent paint on it to make sure that the frost coating does not fall off.
Aesthetically, I want the base to be the same size as the footprint of the bottle, so that the pillars of Wood plus glass appear in a rectangular volume (more or less).
I found some waste wood. -
Maybe cedar, but it\'s hard to say. -
And cut 2 6 knots on the chop saw.
If I repeat this design, I will make the base 2 \"high as it fits perfectly with the LED light strip.
I gradually carve out a cavity on each base with a drill bit, drill bit and chisel that accepts the neck of the milk bottle.
I made a lot of guesses and checks. -
Draw contours, drill holes, test fit, rinse and repeat.
Drill 1 in the center \"-
The diameter hole passes through the base all the way to hold the rope.
At last, I packed the bottle very tightly.
Adding a few layers of tape to the neck also helps to fix the bottle, adding some friction between the wood and the glass.
I added a few layers of hands to finish itrubbed beeswax.
Ikea led Berg lights for about $15, designed to be insufficient
Cabinet light.
Each unit is inserted at the next endto end.
To configure them in a different way, cut off the plastic with the end of the socket and expose the metal leads.
Cut out only two of the three;
You need to keep a socket so that the fixture can be plugged into the switch/transformer/power cord unit.
Next, cut a thin strip of plywood into an equilateral triangle of about 3/4 with a table saw.
Polish down the sharp corners.
Trim according to the length of the Ledberg bar.
Connect the wood strips to the plywood using super glue to form a triangular prism, the light is evenly oriented in three directions, and the socket/plug ends alternate.
The stakes can also work if you don\'t see the table. Add some self-
Adhesive on the bottom of the wind and rain stripping 2-
3 \"fixture, tightly wrapped with tape.
The test is installed on the base of the lamp.
The fixture should be tightly mounted in the central rope hole so that it can be extended straight up.
Adjust the fit with more adhesive tape and wind rain or chiseled on the base as needed. Once the 3-
The ribbon clamp has been assembled, the plug and socket are welded together in series, and a new connection is established at both ends of the fixture.
I use small pieces of the speaker wire.
It was a bit difficult to weld such a small connection, I melted a little plastic but it worked.
Test whether the new light works by plugging the switch/transformer/power cord unit into one of the socket ends with the belt.
Wrap the new connection with tape. After test-
Putting all the parts together, I realized that the base of the lamp needs a little gap below to hold the bending radius of the wire.
I drilled four shallow holes with a Forstner drill bit and then stuck to four rubber plugs with a rubber epoxy.
This makes the top of the lamp more heavy and tidy;
If I do it again, I will make a bottom plate with concrete, brass or something of higher quality.
On the other hand, the foot left the base and added a lamp in the middlecentury touch.
Fix the power cord with a stapler, then enter the fixture from above and plug in the power cord. Flip over.
Cover with the milk bottle, plug in the power, turn on the power and enjoy yourself!
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