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modern design, in miniature, is growing

by:Grade     2020-01-02
Kate Murphy\'s pride April 7, 2010, Christine Ferrara, 39year-
Director of old public affairs at the Senior Institute, a research center in PrincetonJ.
Passionate about modern architecture and design.
It began in 2008 when her husband, Steven Birnbaum, bought her a floor-filled, airy modern home --to-Ceiling windows.
This is her own little place to decorate when she is happy, without considering his more traditional tastes, and without worrying about the possibility that their three children might spoil something.
\"I saw the house on Craigslist and thought it was too frivolous to buy for myself,\" she said . \".
\"But he gave it to me at Christmas and probably didn\'t realize what he was going to release.
Since then, she has bought six more modern houses and filled them with modern furniture.
Streamlined upholstered sofas, leather recliner chairs, molded plastic chairs, glass tables, pop art and steel lights-
She constantly rescheduled and staged photos worth the cover of residence or Architectural Digest.
One more thing: the size of the room. An inch in Ms.
Ferrara\'s modernist world is equivalent to 1 feet of the real world. Ms.
Ferrara posted these photos on her blog Little call, and she is one of the more and more micro modern design enthusiasts.
They love clean lines and stylish interiors, mini
The modernist is different from the vast majority of lovers of the doll house, who tend to be more gorgeous in Victorian style and Tudor style.
Just three years ago, there were very few (if any) results from internet searches for \"micro-modern\" or \"micro-modern ).
But there are a lot of blogs like MS today.
Ferrara shows a small modern interior design.
There is also a Flickr group called the modern miniatures, with 370 members
Many come from the United States, as well as from Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.
More and more manufacturers are making mini
Modern homes and furniture create fantasy spaces for people, the size of which is too impractical or too expensive for ownership.
Advertising in real life
Ferrara lives in a typical suburban colony.
Style home with antiques inherited by her and her husband, as well as various items from Pottery Barn and Ikea.
\"With three children, my house is very good, comfortable and effective,\" she said . \"
Ferrara, her Mini.
Modern houses and accessories in the basement.
\"But with my mini house, I have the creativity to take risks,\" like hanging bold geometry --
Pattern wallpaper or White imitation in living room
Fur carpet on the floor.
She can also buy miniature replicas of modern furniture that designers like Le cobussier or Charles Ames like for less than $30 --
A small part of what\'s all-
The size version will cost.
Still, she said that these little things were added together and she had to cut her expenses elsewhere: \"I don\'t buy clothes anymore. ”Ms.
Ferrara frequent online sellers of internet auction sites and vintage and new mini toys
Modern items made by companies such as Reac in Japan and Elf Miniatures in the UK, as well as miniature models in the United States, Brinca Dada and PRD Miniatures.
The Kaleidoscope House, which was especially sought after by serious collectors, was designed in 2001 by artist Laurie Simmons and architect Peter whitet.
At that time, the colorful modernist toy House, priced at $250, was not a blockbuster.
In fact, the company that produced Bozart Toys closed down two years later.
But today, even a shabby Kaleidoscope can sell for $2,000.
Christy Schmidt, 30, is a data analyst at an insurance company in Ky Louisville.
There are two modern toy houses.
One of them is a kaleidoscope.
She wrote on her blog, petite upstart.
Because \"the supply of modern miniatures is very limited,\" she said, \"I will buy anything soon once I find it.
Like other mini ads. modernists, Ms.
Schmidt often makes his own furniture.
Light removed from beads, table removed from Lucite pillow box, carpet removed from floor mat.
\"This is my creative channel,\" she said . \"
\"It combines interior design and hand-made.
She admits that it seems like a childish pursuit for some, but \"it seems to make sense because it is cool modern in the middle of the century. ”Mini-
Modern enthusiasts are often quick to keep a distance from other adult doll house collectors, who are known for being a little quirky.
Annina gunther, a graphic designer at Brighton, UK, said that when she first started collecting, she was \"worried about telling people, as if they would look at me as fun.
But when they saw it, they understood. ”Ms.
The 28-year-old, who has four toy houses, posted photos on her blog, Anna\'s miniature model, and Flickr.
The photos were very enlightening and artistic: rain boots and garbage bags were left next to the door, a note was attached to the mirror and lived in the room --
The melancholy in quality and City is reminiscent of Edward Hooper\'s paintings.
\"I\'m not creating a dream,\" she said . \"
\"I want to show the reality, the courage and the chaos of living in the city.
Others, however, are creating the house of their dreams.
Lee Downing, 56, has designed a 30-year window and floor display for crates and barrels, but is now taking care of his elderly mother in Dallas.
He said that one day he wanted to live in a house made of freight containers, but since he could not live now, he customized a mini house last year.
He decorated it with copies of modern furniture, such as the Noguchi coffee table and the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs.
\"As life becomes more complex and chaotic, I am more and more attracted to the simplicity of modern design,\" he said . \"
He is planning to add a small deck, pool and yard.
Advertising even when the mini house discussed is not a model of the house they wish to live in a day, most mini
The modernist describes their hobbies as a pursuit.
The 70-year-old Bebe Ventura is a retired interior decorator in New York with nine modern toy houses, a small yacht and a gas trailer.
\"In your miniature world, you may get lost for hours,\" she said . \".
\"No matter what concerns you have, leave.
\"Of course, full control is attractive,\" said Megan Hornbecker, a Web designer and mother of two toddlers in Redwood City, California.
\"Everything is what I want in my toy house, my way,\" she said.
35-year-old Hornbecker wrote three of her modern dolls on her blog Dream Doll.
\"I can\'t make my real kitchen 24/7 clean, but I can make my baby house kitchen 24/7 clean.
\"If you find yourself sitting at home and watching the replay of\" Mad Men \"and think,\" It all looks great.
I wish it was. . .
\"You\'re lucky.
Several online retailers offer everything you need to create a mini-game
From the toy house to the modern world of fashion furniture.
The price of some internal fixings ranges from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars for the entire house.
Again, even that money is less than a person\'s money.
Size needs of modern furniture-
Why is there only one thing when you can create a whole world? BRINCA DADA (brincadada. com).
Modern toy houses made of glass, stone and wood cost $299 for embedded LED lighting powered by solar panels;
It will be launched in stores like F. on JuneA. O.
Or can be ordered in advance on the manufacturer\'s website. Elf miniature model (elfminiatures. co. uk).
Custom modern main-
Style kitchen, bedroom and bathroom but also ready for sale
Furniture and accessories.
Products of MINIMODERNISTAS Sales Co. , Ltd.
Edit handmade modern furniture on Etsy and eBay;
Search for \"minimodernistas\" on these sites or contact the supplier of minimodernistas @ verizon directly.
Net to get information.
Mini advertising (
Parisrenfroedesign. com).
Miniature models made by designers and life builders-
Size furniture and cabinets specializing in the production of miniature \"pods\" or 1:12 size goods-Container houses;
Custom and ready for sale-
Modern furniture. REAC (reacjapan. com).
A plastic version of modern designer furniture that sells cheap but does not look tacky;
Box suits can be ordered from Japanese companies and personal items can be purchased from etraderspender.
An online toy store in Singapore.
Design Museum storedesign-museum. com).
A series of miniature replicas of modern furniture made by designers such as Le cobussier, noguch and Ames.
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