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modern standing lamp

by:Grade     2020-05-30
I chose to make a stand lamp with the thinner connecting steel pipe as possible.
With the use of modern lighting technology, this lamp has to represent something elegant and unusual.
With the right tools, this light is easy to make.
The total cost is about $25.
Material: Tools: first draw a lot of circles with a pair of compasses on the 12mm medium fiber board: draw a 18 cm circle on the inside of two 20 cm circles.
Draw a 12 cm circle on the inside of the remaining two 20 cm circles.
Use the jigsaw puzzle to see all the circles.
Don\'t forget to see the inner circle.
Drill a 6mm hole in the center of each circle.
Glue the circles together in the following order: Bottom 5 8 11 14 17 26 26 cm and top 5 8 11 14 17 20 20 20 cm.
Use a 4 cm drill bit to drill a 6mm deep hole on the top of the 12mm holes previously drilled.
In order to shape these two pieces with a smooth and clean curve, I will refer to the previous instructions (mood bowl).
There are three ways to make curved shapes from these glued circles.
Hard Way: Make the bowl using documents and sandpaper.
Advantages: special tools and machines are not required.
Disadvantages: time
Consumption and results are questionable.
Moderate way (my way)
: Pass the threaded rod through the circle that is glued together and fix the rod in place using a hex nut.
Attach the rod firmly to the drill press.
Shape the bowl with documents and sandpaper.
Advantages: fast, simple and effective.
Disadvantages: danger, because the drill press is not made for this purpose, the raw material of the Machine/drill press can fly.
If the drill press is not properly connected to the work table, the drill pressure opportunity is over-vibrating.
The easy way to do this is: connect the circles that are glued together to the wood cart bed.
Make the bowl using documents, chisels and sandpaper.
Advantages: fast, simple, perfect result.
Cons: You need a wood lathe.
Brush two blocks of wood and steel pipes with paint rollers.
I use white and red paint.
Cut off the power cord of about 1 m from the power plug, turn on the case of the foot switch and screw the wire in place.
When the other wire is continuous, one wire is interrupted by the switch.
Screw back the case on the switch.
Place the steel bar in the 12mm hole of the bottom workpiece.
Place the top on the steel bar.
Extend the power cord from the bottom to the top.
Place the LED driver in the top 12 cm circles.
Connect the LED driver to the power cord using the connector.
Place the LED panel on top.
I put some feel inside so the LED has room for cooling.
After placing some felt at the bottom, you are done.
When you appreciate your new lights, find a good place to put the lights in a comfortable chair for some coffee.
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