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multi-millionaire slumlord masaaki imaeda sentenced for secret suburban sex lair where he spied on tenants

by:Grade     2019-12-30
Millionaire Masaaki Imaeda in Sydney\'s slum was sentenced for setting up an elaborate camera spy network at a suburban home to secretly shoot tenants.
The 66-year-old Imaeda, who owns a container shantytown in downtown Sydney, had a fire two years ago and installed a secret camera network in other properties he owned to spy on tenants for his sexual pleasure
Surprised Australian police found a maze of cable networks, hidden cameras and mirrors in a slum rental property in Imaeda, which is connected to a remote secret room where he watched
At the Campbell Town District Court on Thursday, magistrate David Dagnan sentenced Imaeda to 18 months in prison,
10 months of parole
Police documents exclusively obtained by newscom.
Au revealed that cables were found on the roof and floor of a house, and the Japanese real estate tycoon secretly filmed the nudity and sex of a couple and young women.
In a secluded nest in the hotel\'s backyard, officials found the recliner facing a large TV with an Ethernet cable, many laptops, SD cards, mini cameras and USB drives.
Imaeda, who owns millions of property empires in Australia, appeared in Campbell Town Court on Thursday on several charges.
He acknowledged three allegations of installation or use of optical equipment without consent, which applied to the structure of the building, and three allegations of unauthorized private observation of a person\'s sexual arousal.
In addition, Imaeda has been sentenced for violating the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act to build shantytowns in Alexandria, a suburb of Sydney, on 2014.
When his tenant, mainly an Asian student, paid to sleep in a container, abandoned caravan and an old bus, the slum was found (
All share one portaloo).
Residents had to flee and four people had to be rescued when the complex began to burn.
But the facts of the case obtained by the news. com.
Au revealed that the wealthy slum owner is well known in the backpacker community in Japan as he uses cameras to monitor the sexual satisfaction of tenants.
Imaeda\'s secret sex nest was discovered in April, the document said, when a young married couple rented a room in one of his properties, on the ceiling of their room
The couple responded to an Imaeda ad on the Japanese website cheers. com.
Au agreed to pay $240 a week to purchase the master bedroom of a six-bedroom house in the suburbs of Sydney.
The Japanese woman and her husband arrived from overseas and deposited two weeks of rent in a bank account in Imaeda.
Five days later, on April 16, the wife found a Japanese website on the Internet with a warning about Imaeda.
Imaeda, which owns multiple Australian properties, rented the properties to Japanese students and installed hidden cameras in his bedroom, the warning said.
When her husband returned home that night, the young woman asked him to check their room.
On the ceiling, the husband found a small hole near the light fixture, a small camera attached to the ceiling and connected to the cable through the roof.
The couple called the police.
At that time, Imaeda, who earned an undisclosed amount from the rental property, returned to Japan.
The police checked the secret camera and found it set up to face a wardrobe mirror occupying a whole wall from floor to ceiling.
What they see from the camera is the entire master bedroom.
Police then searched the adjacent bedroom, which had just been vacated by a young female student and found a camera on the TV at the top of the wardrobe.
The camera is facing the bed the girl slept in.
Police found many other cameras around the hotel and a dome camera inside the garage and outside the front door.
The tenant told the police that Imaeda had a small bedroom separate from the house and next to the garage.
In that room, the police found a monitor and a hard drive with many connected cables through holes in the walls and floors.
The officers moved under the house, where they found the cable crossing the floor into the room that the young woman had recently vacated.
A further search found that there was also a hidden camera on the wall of the room disguised as a smoke detector.
The cable runs through the walls from the Imaeda\'s bedroom and connects to the master bedroom where the couple lives through the roof.
The police then went to a converted shed behind the property, which is for Imaeda only.
Inside the cabin they found a large TV with an Ethernet cable from the modem at home.
Put a recliner on the TV.
They found laptops, cameras, recording devices, USB drives and SD cards disguised as smoke detectors, and another hidden camera.
Police have arrested Imaeda, whose lawyer told the Campbell Town Court last month that the real estate tycoon had \"suffered a lot of medical problems\" that may have found him unfit to be severely punished
Imaeda also pleaded guilty in the Land and Environment Court because his slum town house in Alexandria was charged with two charges of violating the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.
Judge Terence Sheahan has retained the judgment on these charges for some time.
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