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Nest Table Lamp

by:Grade     2020-05-07
After a long cold winter, the sun is getting warmer and warmer. We like to go back to the outside: the first flower is blooming, the bird sings ,. . . . . . The atmosphere of spring inspired me to create a new desk lamp.
The light is easy to make, about $30.
The material tool starts by sawing the round stick into about 10 cm pieces.
You can use any saw suitable for Wood.
I used a small saw.
I saw about 55 pieces.
But you may end up with more or less debris.
Make two squares with sticks and stick them together with glue.
Stick the two squares together so it looks like a star.
This provides a good foundation for the radiator.
Make four triangles by sticking each stick to the other.
Glue each triangle to the star base at a 45 ° angle and fix them together using a bar clip.
Note: You don\'t need to glue them exactly with a 45 ° angle, which is just an indication.
From now on, you can randomly stick the remaining sticks to the base and pass through the base to form a nest.
Cut the cable of the led driver in half from the end, about 1/3.
Weld \"cable cut\" to the LED.
Connect the led to the radiator using two M2 screws.
Don\'t forget to place hot paste between the LED and the radiator for better thermal management.
Place the LED radiator at the bottom of the Bird\'s Nest.
Put the wire between a few sticks.
Turn on the shell of the switch and screw the wire in place.
When the other wire is continuous, one wire is interrupted by the switch.
Screw back the case on the switch.
Place Decorative glass eggs on top of the radiator, find a good place to place the lights, press the switch and you are done.
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