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new furniture designs in store for the milan furniture fair

by:Grade     2020-01-22
Professionals from the interior design community will travel to Milan to attend the international furniture fair on April 12-17, 2016.
Before the event opens, let\'s take a look at some of the new products to be launched at this year\'s fair.
Recently established French design manufacturer Petite FritureThe will travel to the 2016 Milan furniture fair with a new version of the \"grid\" sofa designed by Pool.
The sofa was launched in 2015 with a modular design that stood out.
A year later, Pool came up with this concept, bringing more adaptive elements to improve possibilities.
The series now boasts an armchair, as well as modular elements including armchairs without armrests, left and right corner armchairs, footrest, two chairs
Seating sofas and short tables.
Another new petite furniture collection for this season is the \"Mediterranean\" lighting collection designed by designer Noé DuchaufourLawrance.
The series includes four brass lamps (
Floor lamp, wall lamp, desk lamp, ceiling lamp)
, Each with a carved metal shadow that spreads light through the cut pattern.
The Republic of Fritz Hansen will bring a reworked version of one of its flagship works to the Milan furniture show.
The original \"Oxford\" chair was designed in 1965 by Arne Jacobsen, a well-known name in the field of architecture and design in Denmark.
Originally designed for the professor table at the huge restaurant at St Catherine College, Oxford University, UK, the redesigned design brings two more modern chair versions-
Classic and advanced.
The classic is finished in monochrome black, highlighting the single shape of the chair by downplaying the chrome frame of the original model.
\"Advanced\" will get a thicker layer of foam.
Roche boboboisroche bobobois will present a range of new products at the event, including the \"ODEA\" arm chairs of designer Roberto tapenasi and Maurizio Manzoni
This seat is made of a 100% cotton Cabaret velvet cushion made of cold mold foam, and the base is made of colored solid mountain wool ball wood.
It is designed to resemble blue tulip petals.
Foscarinebr, celebrating the 25 th anniversary of the \"Lumière\" lamp, Foscarini will showcase the reworked version of the lamp first released by Italian design manufacturers in the early days.
Blown glass cover with metal mirror
The effect in line with its position ends.
CappelliniCappellini, another first-line design manufacturer in Italy, will bring two very different chairs to 2016 Milan Furniture Fair.
The \"Drum\" is a large size eye-catching armchair, covered with elastic material or leather, made from 3D printing.
It has blue, black, turquoise, white and orange color.
On the other hand, \"embroidery\" shows the technology it is named after.
However, Cappellini combines embroidery with photography, giving embroidery a modern style.
Milan salon mobile Inter Milan (
Milan Furniture Fair)
Run April 12-17, 2016. Website:www. salonemilano.
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