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No More Table Lamp!?

by:Grade     2020-03-29
Everyone with a desk lamp will feel that sometimes the desk lamp will get in the way because it will add luster to your workplace. However,. . .
This instructable will show you how to remove the desk lamp and replace it with an LED emergency light on the workbench.
Parts: completion time: where to buy in 20 minutes?
Is the desk lamp on my workbench?
I will change this in a moment.
First, I turn on the LED light bar.
In this case, I will use only two bands, several connectors, jumper cables and adapters.
I connect the belt with a connector so that it can connect to another belt (
Make sure that each end has the same forward terminal representation to connect the forward terminal).
You can also connect to another belt using a jumper cable.
The triangle relief on the jumper indicates the positive terminal.
The adapter has the same head as the jumper, so the settings are the same as before.
I finished the installation of the strip and then installed the strip under the overhead cabinet.
I turned on the light and moved the lamp away with confidence.
My workbench looks good!
The lights shine beautifully.
Here is the image before and after the LED strip lamp is installed. HAPPY MAKING!
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