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Now, a dancing robot that can groove to your tunes

by:Grade     2020-03-30
Esearchers developed a new dance robot that can analyze music played through speakers
Ears and produce real
Unique dance movements.
Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a rotary robot dock that looks like a weird futuristic desk lamp, but is actually a fully functional dance robot called \"shimi \".
They have now become a real gadget and want to fund the production of this $149 device through the Kickstarter website.
\"We are very excited to show you our project: dock Shimi, the first music smart robot speaker,\" the researchers said . \".
\"Shimi is a real AI robot that analyzes the music played through speakers
Ears and produce real
\"The unique dance movements of time bring music into life in a fun and lovely way,\" they said . \".
The gadget uses five motors to move and there is also facial recognition software so it can rotate automatically, so its speakers always point to the listener.
It also has a microphone that can understand the human language, so the host can simply tell it what they want to hear.
They can also tap and the robot will adjust the rhythm accordingly.
Once they reach their goal of $100,000, the team promises to continue developing robots.
\"We are already developing the app that allows Shimi to respond to your facial expressions, understand your musical tastes and recommend new music to you,\" the researchers said . \".
\"We will continue to develop new applications for Shimi.
\"Apps such as games, education, music production, remote display are expected to be launched soon,\" they said . \".
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