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one day in the robot house

by:Grade     2020-06-02
Flashing its led and playing cheerful tunes through Paul marksplayfull, Sunflower Robot opens its chest drawer to provide some medicine for our men (hair restorer? )(
Image Source: University of Hartford
Purple Robot House at the fraunhove Institute
Our men are wearing a wool hat.
A gentle tugboat allows the robot to release it from the terrible grip (
Image Source: University of Hartford
Instead of using the dangerous robot arm, the butler robot is sideways to our man\'s side and gives him a drink on its hinged tray (
Image Source: University of Hartford
Living happily with domestic robots is not as simple as it seems-when I go through the woods, they need to understand what we want --
Tile flooring at IKEA
Living room with furniture, my footsteps appear in real time on the computer map of the room, sparkling blue footsteps.
In a corner, a robot with only one purple eye stands and meditate.
What I see is the laser of the robot.
The radar view shown on the nearby laptop shows obstacles on the floor-I\'m just one of those obstacles.
This is the first time I have experienced the technology that 12 British volunteers will experience when living with selected home robots in half a month.
In the next few months, the independent residence in Hatfield, England.
As part of a life with robots and interactive companions, these volunteers will help robot experts (LIREC)project.
It aims to look at how robot squadrons are really useful to people, how to do it safely, and determine how many robots people can deal with at any time.
Lead researcher Kerstin Dautenhahn and her colleagues at the University of Hartford in Hatfield are more advantageous than others who are trying to evaluate household robots and the colon;
They bought an ordinary house to study in the reality of domestic life.
Her team includes psychologist Dag Sverre Syrdal, adaptive systems engineer Kheng Lee Koay and robotics engineer Mohammad Reza Oskoei and Steve Ho. “The high-
The horizontal goal here is to develop robots that can help people in a home environment.
\"Especially helping older people get and carry items and solve memory problems-such as remembering their medication schedule-may help them get entertainment,\" Koay said . \".
There are four robots in their house, two of which are wheeled and two of which are four. legged.
These include a drug scheduling/distribution robot called Sunflower, a robot-built at the University of Hafford Countyarm-
The CareRobot, equipped by the Institute of production technology and automation, fraunhove, Stuttgart, Germany, is used to acquire and carry food, beverages and household items, as well as two Sony Aibo robot dogs for entertainment.
A key idea is that only one robot can be active at a time. if too many robots seek their attention at the same time, human users will not face the risk of \"cognitive overload.
When one person completes a task and the other person needs to become active, the data is wirelessly migrated from one person who enters sleep mode to the other person who wakes up and knows your recent request.
But does it work?
I sat down in purple-
One-eyed CareRobot, its double
The joint robot arm looks like it can throw a car together and let it hand it over to me if you allow.
It brought me a glass of fruit drink on the tray, and to prove its dexterity, I had to gently pull a wool hat from its three fingers.
It approached me with a broad and comprehensive movement so that I could see it coming, but at a subsequent meeting it suddenly appeared to me in an astonishing way.
I prefer a sweep, but it does block the TV.
Volunteers will report the nuances of these behaviors.
CareRobot then moves its brain data back to the corner and moves it to Sunflower, which has an LCD touch screen for passing information, with a drawer in front for delivering drugs.
It also senses the power grid of the House wirelessly, so it can sense when the kettle is boiled, or when the refrigerator door is opened by the indicator current measured by the smart meter and the colon;
Both are signals that let it go and see what the human master in the kitchen is doing.
The sunflower came up to me and opened the drawer as if it were delivering me medicine, then asked through the information on the screen if I wanted to send its brain to Aibo, so I can play the game & colon;
I agreed by pressing a button.
When it goes into sleep mode, its head becomes weak-after a moment, Aibo will stir and stand.
Empathy is weird.
When a robot goes into sleep mode, its head becomes lame and the other robot shakes.
After playing for a while, I sent the dog\'s brain data back to the sunflower and the sunflower will leave soon because Dautenhahn opened the refrigerator door to get the milk.
The volunteers will decide if these behaviors are the future of robots in our homes or if there is still a problem --
Adjustments that need to be made.
\"We\'ll see how people accept it and maybe go back and redesign it.
\"We are just beginning to explore these issues,\" said Dautenhahn . \".
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