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online shopper; from lava to sconces, a lamp for every taste

by:Grade     2020-06-22
Joyce kohensepp
2002 there are some things you are not allowed to complain about.
\"My apartment is too dry.
It was a complaint from my friend Caroline, who was living on a very high floor and had a floor-to-ceiling window with postcards of Midtown Manhattan.
Blinds are heavily used.
\"My ceiling is too high.
This is my complaint.
The ceiling of my apartment is nearly 12 feet high, which means that changing the light bulb is a torture, which means that the landlord replaced the original three a long time ago --
Ceiling fixtures with a light bulb
The light bulb hangs globe, there is no table and a stack of phone books, it is still too high to reach. A one-
The bulb fixtures provide too little light for the living room as the occupants of the living room are always reading, especially since I rearranged the furniture and fixed the two floor lamps in the only suitable place.
I need a home lighting solution-
Especially a good light at the Reading corner.
In the field of lighting, this is called task lighting. -
A phrase that always makes me feel unpleasant, as if the task at hand is so heavy that it needs to be super
Duper lighting.
AdvertisementI has been noticing ads in magazines about the Verilux HappyEyes floor lamp, which should be as bright as during the day.
Advertising is all about happy eyes. -
Read during the day.
In fact, I read whenever I walk somewhere during the day.
So I can handle multiple tasks at the same time. -
The word is coming again! --
Besides, the light is very good. (
There were times when I met something, and people were always reading while walking. )
I prefer a desk lamp to a floor lamp.
The web search shows that the Verilux HappyEyes light is on the desktop.
The eye of happiness advertising blitz is powered by the technical Brand\'s mobilscout (www. technoscout. com)
A cutting site. edge products.
However, its price is not the lowest.
So I ordered the lights from efi.
Org, retail site of the Massachusetts Westborough non-profit energy Federation.
Including $78 freight. (
With the increase in freight, the price of floor lamp is $125. )
It\'s in four days.
I read a storm but never felt like I was on a mission.
The light is like the day, enough to fool me.
I think it\'s too early to look at the window at night.
The key is in the light bulb. -
Compact fluorescent bulb with special phosphorus coating.
Happy Eye lights are sold mainly through websites or catalogues, not in retail stores.
Michelle Harmon, vice president of marketing at Verilux, said that lamps usually compete only on price (www. verilux. net)
Happy Eye buyers, however, want a specific feature and are not interested in the price or design.
As a typical happy eye buyer, I don\'t really care what the lights look like. (
It is a simple, somewhat futuristic color called putty. )
For those who care, there are a lot of lamps and lanterns on the Internet.
Many sites do a great job with thumbnails, although these sites are often Picturesheavy and slow-loading.
I went through several fixture sites including American fixtures (www. lampsusa. com), Your Lamps (www. yourlamps. com)
And light Plus (www. lampsplus. com)
There are 28 different categories, including interesting categories like lava lights and vague categories like sconces.
Lights on the Internet (www. lampsontheweb. com)
Even the floor lights for sale are worth it just by this name, it is defined as a floor lamp that can illuminate the entire torchier.
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Light bulb, light bulb warehouse (www.
Warehouse. com)and Top Bulb (www. topbulb. com)have user-
Friendly website, helpful sketches to identify hardto-find bulbs.
Bayonet base or flange?
Twisted double-pointed bulbs or flames?
Advertising provides customer service through e-commerce. mail.
So what I was thinking about was that the weirdest bulb in my house made a request: a 4-
Watt light bulb in handmade stained-
Glass night light.
Gail Magi from the light bulb warehouse replied to e-
The next day, I sent an email saying that my description was not clear.
She left a number of 800 so I could call.
After some discussion, she told me that it was the 4C7 bulb, referring to the wattage, shape and size.
\"With so many light bulbs, it will take a few years for our network staff to put everything out,\" said the lady. Magee said.
\"So we put the most common daily necessities.
Top Bulb\'s website provides a personal callback at the specified time.
I marked it in the box \"within 15 minutes.
Someone called two days later to apologize for the late response and provided the same information about the evening --light bulb. (
Uniform shipping for top bulbs is $6.
However, 95 is good for big orders, not for small ones. )The hanging-
The Globe in the living room is the most common of all bulbs: standard 100-watt screw-In incandescent lamps.
But because it\'s hard to do it, replacing the bulb is a real project.
There was no place to place a ladder in the apartment, and the super customer put his ladder in the cellar and came down four times.
When I complain about the high ceiling, there is always a response saying, \"you can get one of those things,\" and then do a stretch.
I \'ve never seen anything like this, and I think they only exist as City legends, like
Interview the dog\'s op board.
But you can find anything online, I found it.
They are called extension rods.
The story is, in 1958, a paint salesman named R. D.
Newman saw a customer struggling with a paint roller.
The company he startedLongArm (www. mrlongarm. com)
, Is now the leading manufacturer of telescopic aluminum telescopic rods mainly for commercial use.
The household pole is divided into two or three parts, and accessories can be selected. For bulb-
Changed a suction cup or spring-driven cage. Still, a bulb-
There is almost no need to replace them, and there are very few hardware stores with them.
But the company\'s bulbs
Replacement Kit available in comfortable House (www. comforthouse. com)
Vermont Country Store (www.
Vermontcountrystore. com).
The ads will be consistent with the phone book.
But now I know Verilux is also in the daytime.
A natural-spectrum incandescent lamp.
They are $10 per person, but they live five times the life of a regular bulb. If that hard-to-
The handle bulb burned out tomorrow and I guess it won\'t need to be replaced again until early 2004.
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A version of this article was printed on page G00004 of the National edition on September 12, 2002 with the title: online shoppers;
From lava to scones, there is a light for each flavor.
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