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Overview of Costume Jewellery

by:Grade     2020-08-01
The purpose of clothing and jewelry is to be fashionable for a while, cheap and fashionable.
In the 17 th century, it is acceptable to wear fake pearls and glass beads that match clothes or have accents during the day, but must be diamonds at night.
These fake pearls were made in France, and glass balls were filled with wax and coated with grated fish scales.
They are very much like pearls and have been fashionable for more than 200 years.
In the 18 th century, glass or mushy gems were made in Paris and could be similar to almost any real stone.
Many of the costume jewelry of this era still exists, while the fine jewelry with real gems and gold has been broken and reset in a more modern style.
In the 18 th century, when clothing jewelry spread to the UK, many items, including shoe buckles, steel and jewelry buttons, appeared in addition to earrings and necklaces.
Pearls are very popular in the 20 th century, but they are very expensive.
With the introduction of beautiful cultured pearls from Japan at the end of the 19 th century, pearl jewelry has become more affordable.
The pearl clip on the earrings is an essential part of any woman\'s wardrobe, still so today.
Costume jewelry is designed for this occasion.
Formal jewelry is designed for corporate parties, weddings, dinners or operas.
It is made of stones, beads and metal, not real gems or gold, usually simple, with clear lines and subtle design.
The appearance of formal clothing jewelry is exquisite, and it is most suitable for use in formal occasions.
It has a set of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces or individual pieces.
Earrings and half-Gem clips on necklaces are also made for formal wear.
Nowadays, many brides prefer clothing jewelry on important days because it is well designed, stylish and more affordable than real diamonds and gold.
But the low cost alone cannot convince the bride, yet the spectacular, glittering set made of semi-precious stones and gold-plated gold and silver can convince anyone.
A dazzling mix of chocolates, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
There are unlimited possibilities for costume jewelry.
The materials are plastic, leather, glass, horn, beads, bones, wood, resin, even paper, feathers and clay.
It\'s fun to dress and make a personal statement that reflects the wearer\'s personality.
There are many different possibilities for each dress.
Casual clothing jewelry is fashionable, modern and very popular today.
Jewelry is about charm.
Delicate chain or stone inlaid bracelet, designer pendant or Chandelier clip on earrings-
The jewelry is about sparkling.
Shells are also popular materials for evening jewelry.
All of this is available at an affordable price, so you can have different styles of suits.
There are also clothing jewelry for religious and spiritual themes.
From the zodiac to the large stainless steel cross, this is very fashionable jewelry.
There are symbols of ancient Egypt and Greek designs.
Some people believe that these images and designs bring energy and well-being to the wearer.
There are also clothing and jewelry for Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese, Nepalese and Tibetan patterns.
The most popular costume jewelry is often made using Swarovski crystals.
These high-quality crystals shine like real stones, and they do stand out when set in a stylish style.
They are suitable for formal, evening and very elegant wedding jewelry with no high price for real stones. Semi-
The Gem clips on the earrings are also popular as they are real gems with lower prices.
These stones are suitable for casual and formal style.
There are also classic clips from past styles on the earrings.
The new art trend brings the ethereal and romantic floral earrings, as well as the concise and elegant abstract design.
Costume jewelry is called cocktail jewelry in 1920s.
It is worn in a mix or cocktail with real gems.
These classic works are usually made of glass.
After World War II, when precious metals were scarce, the booming clothing and jewelry in the United States were everywhere in Hollywood movies.
These became very popular and copied everywhere.
Clothing and jewelry in the 21 st century are very innovative.
Sometimes, in the same gold-plated setting, stone, Swarovski Lo crystals or pearls can be exchanged to provide many different types of earrings with the same base from casual to formal.
They can also be mixed with pendants and bracelets to provide the entire collection at a very low cost.
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