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PET Bottle Tiffany Lamp

by:Grade     2020-04-05
Pets are one of the most widely distributed materials today.
No matter where you are on Earth, it is possible to have a pet bottle around the corner.
But even in the ugliness of no soul, beauty lies.
So I have a project: remodel pets on other things.
From the ultra-modern cyberpunk bag to the Tiffany lights.
This instruction is about how to make a completely fake Tiffany lamp with two PET bottles, epoxy putty and lamp spare parts.
Material: * 2 PET bottles, a 10 liter, a small one with an interesting stylized shape.
* 2 plastic soda caps (
Only one is shown in the picture* 1 lamp kit.
Like me, you need * a fixture socket * about 30 cm if you can\'t find the fixture kit (About 12 inch)
Long threaded pipe * 2 hex nuts * about 1. 5m (about 5 ft)
Lamp line * a plug * a harp (
I don\'t get one)* Epoxy putty (
About 250g or 1/2)
* A thin medium-fiber board, about 10 cm x 15 cm (4in x 6in)
* Metal gold spray paint * transparent spray paint * black and silver acrylic craft paint * patina or dark metallic paint or mellow wood ink or brown liquid shoe oil * glossy acrylic clear varnish * gray color liquid in black or in various colors lead * cheap ballpoint pen.
I use blue, light blue, green and purple.
* Permanent mark (like Sharpie).
* Lamp shade design (
I\'m a dragonfly)
* A light bulb (less than 60W)
Or compact fluorescent lamps (energy-saving light)
Tools: * pliers * tool knife * scissors * cotton swab * screwdriver * Hot glue * hot glue gun * a little water * container for mixed ink * a ruler * tape measure * optional: when you make a lampshade with real stained glass, you will start with a design that will be in three-
Size reference.
In this case, we will work in turn.
We will start with a 3D shape (PET bottle)
The design also needs to be adapted.
You can use the entire lampshade design to fit your PET bottle or you can use the fun part of the design and hand-made
Draw the rest, that\'s what I did.
This is the URL of the dragonfly design I use, but there are more designs to choose from on other websites with free stained glass designs.
This lamp uses electricity and is in danger of electric shock.
If you have never used a light before, don\'t try to make it yourself.
But you can still make a lampshade.
Measure the big PET bottle around. Write it down.
Draw a line above the middle of the bottle so you have the cutting guide.
Cut the bottle in half with a tool knife.
Warning: It\'s really easy for pets to cut with tool knives, so if you \'ve never cut a PET bottle before, then you should know that straight lines are almost impossible.
So cut a little with a tool knife and finish the cut with scissors.
Now, measure the neck of the bottle.
If your bottle has a plastic handle to hold it up, just cut it off with a tool knife.
Divide the length of the bottleneck by the number of panels designed by the lampshade.
Then, divide by the length of the bottle (
The one you wrote before)
Between the same number of parts.
Use permanent marks to mark neck bottles using previously obtained numbers as needed;
But make sure to draw the first mark on the Union line of the PET bottle (
Line from the top of the bottle to the bottom, divide the bottle into 2).
You will use this line as a reference and the first vertical line.
If you have a problem with the size of the neck bottle, especially with a split mark on the neck bottle, place a masking tape around the neck bottle, right where the neck bottle begins to widen.
Cut off the tape and remove it from the bottle.
Then stick it to the cutting board, measure it, mark it, then cut it with the mark and get the small pieces.
Put the small pieces back in the bottle and mark them.
Mark the wider part of the PET bottle from the beginning of the alliance line.
From the marking of the neck to the corresponding marking of the wider part of the bottle, paste a piece of masking tape.
Use it as a guide to drawing straight lines.
Repeat this with all your marks.
My lampshade has 6 panels (
See the last photo).
Print your design with a piece of paper.
Put the design into the cut PET bottle and tape it so it doesn\'t move.
Track the design on the PET bottle with your permanent mark.
If like me, you only use part of the design and draw the rest of the free hand style.
Some PET bottles have \"engraving\" or grooves that you can include in your design if you want.
Spray the bottle with transparent paint.
This will serve as a primer for liquid lead.
Apply liquid lead according to the designed tracking line.
If your lampshade design does not end with a straight edge, then in the rest of the design, let the liquid lead dry and cut the shape of the lampshade edge according to the figure in the edge.
Then apply the liquid lead to the edge.
Please note that except high-
The pet is made with a technical adhesive and nothing can stick to it.
So we made a shell on top of the pet.
If the liquid lead is dry, apply some more on the back of the edge.
The lead of the real Tiffany lampshade is actually quite silver.
Even though you can still see the metallic gloss, they use a special patina to make it look black.
I want my lampshade to look a bit like this.
I don\'t care about this kind of detail. go to the next step.
Paint dry liquid lead with silver acrylic process paint. Let it dry.
With a cotton swab, apply a diluted black acrylic process paint.
Clean the black acrylic paint stain from the \"glass\" surface with another cotton swab. That\'s it!
You can use a plain faux colored glass painting on your lampshade, but it stinks and can easily crack.
Therefore, you can make your own blown glass appearance paint using acrylic varnish and ballpoint pen ink.
Clear Acrylic varnish with spoon.
One tablespoon is enough.
Take apart the ballpoint pen.
Remove the tip from the ink tube with pliers.
Blow slowly on the back of the ink tube and take the ink out.
Add 1 drop of ink to the acrylic varnish and mix it evenly.
If you want a darker color, add another ink drop, mix evenly, then add another one, mix evenly, etc.
Until you get the shadow you want.
Cut the tip of the cotton swab so you can apply the glass with it.
Dip the feather pen tip into the paint you just made and apply the paint to the glass part of the lampshade to fill it.
If the paint is too thin, let it dry a little before applying it.
You can make and use different colors with different pens.
Some colors may require two or more layers.
If this is the case, apply the first layer, let it dry, and then apply the second layer.
If you don\'t want your paint dripping all over your lampshade, work a short piece of design at a time.
Please note that the color becomes darker when the paint is dry (See photos).
With some ink, the color becomes more transparent.
This part is a bit tricky when the paint dry cuts the upper part of the bottle.
You need a foam plastic cutter or saw.
Cut at the bottom of the neck with a foam plastic cutter, let the hot wire slowly pass through the pet, then stop heating and remove the wire.
Repeat it on the neck of the bottle.
This is not an easy task.
It takes time and ability.
If you like the saw, be very careful not to damage all your hard work.
When you finally cut out your neck, make a hole in each panel.
You can use the tip of the tool knife.
Not very big.
These holes will provide a position for connecting the lamp head.
Mix some epoxy putty to make a ball.
Save some putty for the future.
Flatten the ball and give it the shape of your lamp tip you like.
I decided to make a very simple trick with the shape of the dragonfly story. Or so I said.
The good news is that this part can be as simple as a toothpick extended from the center and still looks good.
If you have a harp then you don\'t need to tip, just buy what you like.
Place it on the top of the lampshade and make sure the putty covers the hole.
Then use the remaining putty to make the rivets.
Nothing sticks to the pet, so making a rivet is a way to stick things to the pet.
If you don\'t have a harp like me, then you have to make a lamp stand.
Make two circles with some wires, twist the edges together and look at the photos.
Although not beautiful, but the effect is very good.
Then use more epoxy putty, attach the lampshade bracket to the lampshade, make it hard and gold.
You can do this with golden spay paint, be careful not to stain the lampshade.
Use these measures to draw reference lines in the medium fiber board.
Draw an ellipse with something round.
Cut the base with a tool knife and make a hole in the center.
This should be big enough so the three tubes can fit in.
Pass the threaded pipe through the hole of the elliptical base and screw the hex nut onto the threaded pipe.
Initially I stuck four base caps at the bottom of the base, but I didn\'t get the aesthetic result I wanted, so I added epoxy putty legs later, but they weren\'t mandatory.
Paint in gold once the base is hardened.
If you want to apply a thin layer of cotton ball to patina or mellow wood ink or brown liquid shoe oil.
Finally transparent painting.
Cut the threaded pipe to a height suitable for the base lamp.
Twist the lamp holder to the top of the threaded pipe.
Connect the cable and plug according to the instructions in the socket.
Or put it in your light fixture. (
I don\'t have instructions here about wire installation, because in my country we don\'t have color cables or something like that.
I don\'t want to cause terrible accidents in other countries. )
Put the lampshade holder on the bulb and your fake Tiffany light is finished.
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