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questions and answers on led bulbs

by:Grade     2020-01-14
Who knows that led will be the hottest topic in real estate?
From my reader\'s email, now 40-, 60-, 75-and 100-
Watt incandescent lamps have been phased out, a process that begins in 2012 and ends in January. 1.
To help homeowners cope with this major change in home lighting, I wrote an article for the real estate department at the end of December about LED equivalent to 60-
Watt incandescent lamp is the most widely used one at present. out bulbs.
A large influx of reader mail.
Here are some of the questions I received and my answers.
On Monday, I will answer more questions in the Washington Post blog, including which brands I like in my home testing. Com/wherewelive.
Can A19 be LED (
Bulbs designed to replace Edison\'s iconic incandescent lamp)
Is it used with the type of lampshade directly clipped to the bulb? Yes.
The clip of the lampshade will not damage the bulb;
The only question is whether the shadow will be stuck on the bulb.
Some A19 LEDs are very different in shape from the old ones
But all the lights I tested use the clip lampshade, which includes Philips SlimStyle, which is shaped like a mini ping-pong paddle.
Does the A19 LEDs work with dimmers?
Yes, if it says \"dimmable\" on the package.
\"But the A19 LED bulbs may not be compatible with the dimmer in your home, especially if they have been around for more than 10 years.
Recognizing that this is an issue, both the dimmer manufacturer and the LED bulb manufacturer strive to make their products compatible with each other.
How can I know if the A19 LED can work with the dimmer in my house?
You can contact the manufacturer of dimmer. (
If the name is not visible on the panel with a light switch, you may have to take it off and see the switch box embedded in the wall. )
Most A19 LED manufacturers list compatible dimmers on their website.
Alternatively, you can buy an A19 LED bulb and test it with a dimmer.
If the dimmer is not compatible, you will not cook the bulb;
You just don\'t like the results.
The symptoms of mismatch are hearing-
The buzz that increases with dimming-
And/or flashing flashlight effect.
If your dimmer is compatible, you will still notice two significant differences in performance compared to incandescent lamps.
The first is the amount of light that is still visible when the dimmer is turned off all the way.
Because the efficiency of the LED is much higher, the slightest current will illuminate the bulb, but some dimmer can be adjusted so that there will be no current passing through when the dimmer is turned off all the way.
The second difference is the appearance of dim light.
When the incandescent lamp is darkened, the amount of light and the color temperature are reduced.
The light turns red, which enhances your perception of it becoming darker.
When the A19 LED is darkened, only the amount of light will be reduced;
The color temperature of the light remains the same.
So when the LED goes dark 70%, it looks brighter than the same amount of incandescent lights.
There are three-way LED bulb?
The reader asked this question about a three-
LED bulbs of up to 150 watts (50/100/150)
Because they need brighter light to read.
The good news is, these three
Incandescent lamps are classified as \"not standard\" and are still in production. Also Ecosmart (
Home Depot brand $20)offers a three-
Way A19 LED 25/40/60-Watt equivalent
Can the LED be used in enclosed fixtures?
Yes, but there are only some brands.
The problem is the heat that can accumulate in the closed fixture.
LED bulbs are very sensitive to heat;
If the air in the enclosure becomes too hot, the life of the bulb will be shortened.
If you want to install A19 LED 60-
Watt equivalent in a closed ceiling fixture (
The most common type of residential closed fixture)
Read the packaging carefully.
Most people say that bulbs cannot be used like this.
The only thing I can find is the A19 LED soft white and A19 Soft White TW series from Cree.
However, the fine print on the Cree package warns that the bulb technology should not be mixed in the fixture (
Use LED with CFL or incandescent lamp)
Because the heat generated by other bulb types is too large, it will adversely affect the LED.
Catherine salante holds a degree in architecture from Harvard University.
She is a native Washington native who grew up in Fairfield County and now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
If you have questions or column ideas, you can contact her at salanthough watch @ gmail.
Or katherinesalant. com .
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