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ranch-style life in ardfert

by:Grade     2020-01-08
An amazing Ardert hotel with stables and indoor swimming pool, available at a low price for GBP.
The price cut represents a drop from the previous 900, which is good news for potential buyers. The four-bed 5,000 sq. ft.
The home of Ardvert Tubrid has a total land area of approximately 13 acres with purchase options.
The residence is about 3 km kilometers from Abbeydorney, Ardfert village and Tralee town, with convenient transportation.
Depart from Tralee along Tralee/Abbeydorney Road (R556)
Turn left at the intersection after 3 kilometers (
Wooden columns and railway fences)
Before the center of the garden, continue along this road, through the NTL warehouse on the right and 0.
8 km, the hotel is on your right.
Just 7 km from Banna beach.
Among the main attractions of the hotel (
Clear indoor pool and stables)
The garden has a garden pond, an electric gate, a sun room and a garage.
With power and lighting, the seven stables provide the perfect facilities for any horse enthusiast.
The interior of the house is equally impressive.
The pool room is tiled, heated, with underwater lighting, wooden ceiling surround sound, dehumidifier, double door, separate pool boiler, accessible from the master bedroom.
The first kitchen/restaurant is at hand-
Crafted oak floors and splash-proof boards.
The sun room has a tiled floor, wooden ceiling that enhances the light through the Velux window.
There is a second kitchen at home.
The master bedroom has a door to the pool area with a carpet floor and a dressing area with wallsto-
Wardrobe and ensuite bathroom for men and women.
Contact: Michael Daley, mirapaf and Darah Sawyer, mirapaf, property partner Daley Sawyer at 22 Denny Street, Tralee, on (066)7127644.
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