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research of famous architect led to purchase of dream home

by:Grade     2020-01-20
Dave Eriksson had a heart attack four years ago and after losing his job for more than 30 years, he decided it was time to change his lifestyle.
\"I \'ve been interested in architecture all my life, so I started volunteering at the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison,\" he said . \".
\"I am committed to archiving the original collection of architect John landar MacDonald.
\"He was very interested in McDonald\'s and he designed the house in a style similar to Frank Lloyd Wright, so he started working together
Write a book about him
In doing so, he went to seven states, visited 125 houses, photographed 75 of them, interviewed the homeowner, and digitized the 6,000 architectural drawings he had taken.
He also bought a house designed by an architect and started his own business, Eriksson\'s digital studio, where he did architectural photography.
\"Doing research for this book has taught us about the people who live in his house,\" he said . \".
\"We interviewed people who lived near this and one of them called one day to say that the house had been foreclosed.
After living in Wauwatosa Tudor for 30 years
A few years later, he suddenly
In 2013, century modern homes near the Highlands of Lake Cudahy began to be restored.
The house, called Blair House, was designed in 1952 for George and Angie Blair and was built in 1953.
It will feature June 3 on this year\'s swright & Like tour.
There are three other houses designed by McDonald\'s nearby, one of which will also be on tour.
\"When I bought it, it was in poor condition,\" Eriksson said . \".
\"The roof under the fireplace leaks and surface water is collected on the terrace.
I changed the water to the front of the House and fixed the roof issue.
\"He\'s still 1,200-square-
Foot home with two bedrooms and a bathroom.
\"I pulled up the floor with the blue shag carpet,\" Eriksson said . \".
\"There was the original tile under that, but it was not available for sale, so I took it out to reveal the original concrete floor.
I painted the floor black and cleared it.
Epoxy resin was applied.
I want a simpler look, as did other families of McDonald\'s in this era.
\"The bathroom equipment is original.
It\'s the color of butter.
There are also original cream and black tiles on the walls of the room, and the countertop is a laminated material with a black basketball pattern.
\"In the kitchen, he removed the sheet felt, exposed the original brown and brown vinyl floor, and replaced the cabinet door installed by the former owner.
\"The face of the cabinet is a gorgeous colonial style,\" he said . \"
\"I re-faced them with simple, flat, modern doors and black metal pulls.
I also removed the door from the sides of the cabinet hanging on the peninsula, separating the kitchen from the dining room for a more open look.
\"One of the tasks he doesn\'t need to do is paint because every bit of wall and ceiling space in the home is covered with wood or bricks.
\"All the walls are covered with Filipino mahogany finishes on plywood or Chicago pink bricks.
The ceilings are all Cedar, and the ceiling in the living room is arched, with beams, forming a unique design.
He recently talked about the house he shared with his 20 s. year-
Old daughter Camille and 1-year-
The Jack Russell terrier he saved/Chihuahua combo old Loretta.
He also has two adult children living in Weston and Kayla. Q.
What are you interested in John landar Macdonald? A.
He believes he can provide a unique contemporary design for the young middle class.
He did it for a budget professional.
After World War II, many people are also looking for different things.
They can afford something other than a house or a traditional home.
What he often says is that there are three forms of his house.
The stereoscopic art you can live in. Q.
Do you like this house? Or is it designed by McDonald\'s? A.
I like this house. It’s unique.
I love the oriental style in front of the House and the size is perfect for me.
I also like the fact that the living room is half a room.
One floor higher than the rest of the house.
You can see great views from here as the rooms are surrounded by Skylight with eye level. Q.
What are some of the uniqueness of your home? A.
When McDonald designed it, he added a garage and the front door was there.
He did this for privacy and he did not want the door to interfere with the aesthetic flow in front of the house.
There is no big basement in this home.
My studio is right there.
When he designed the house, he created some inconspicuous footprints that the family could afford.
He doesn\'t like ceiling lights either, so there are only lights in this House.
The roof is also unique.
There is a sloping hip roof above the living room.
The roof of the rest of the house is flat. Q.
The bedroom is very small and dark.
Is this good or bad for you? A. A plus.
When McDonald\'s designs the house, he believes you sleep in the bedroom and live elsewhere in the house.
The bedroom was small on purpose.
I prefer the soft light at home.
It complements the warm feeling of wood and bricks in the house. Q.
How would you describe your fireplace? A.
One big two-
Fireplace between living room and dining room.
Overlooking the dining room from the living room as it has a very large opening.
I like this feature because it can open rooms to each other. Q.
Did you make any changes in the living room? A.
I designed a brick seat bench for an area overlooking two stairs.
There is a staircase from the dining room to the living room and a staircase from the dining room to the basement.
I made it with the brick used in the house.
There used to be an outdoor iron railing.
The bench provides a barrier so that people don\'t get drunk or fall into the basement from the living room.
I also ran LED lights over and over again throughout the room.
McDonald\'s has fluorescent tubes in some parts of these areas. Q.
Is there anything else to do? A.
I want to change the cooking range in the kitchen.
I will install a burner, all of which work and have a smaller profile.
This is already in his 60 s.
I also want to do landscaping in the front and back yards. Q.
What is your favorite room? A.
The living room is open because of it.
Because when it rains, the sound on the roof will be changed.
Because of the size of the room (19 by 19)
It seems to have a wonderful sound effect.
This is a great place to read, watch movies or stay with my kids and friends. Q.
Did you buy all the new furniture when you moved in? A.
The sofa, dining table and entertainment center were the only one in the house I used to live in.
One of the pleasures of staying here is finding furniture that suits the style of the house.
I found something at the flea market, Craigslist and the resale store.
One of my favorite works is the Thonet chair in the restaurant. Q.
Are you still working on McDonald\'s? A.
Yes, I recently got some of his paintings from his wife, the late Josephine MacDonald.
I donated them to the Historical Society.
He did more than 50 home designs in Wisconsin, and almost all of them were built.
He also works in other states and countries.
He has done nearly 325 projects around the world. Q.
When will your book be published? A.
I wrote it with Melissa glass in Milwaukee and it will be published in the next few years.
Do you, or someone you know, have a cool, funky or exquisite living space that you want to see at home?
Contact Nancy Stohs, editor of Fresh Home and Garden (414)224-
2382 or send nstohs @ journalsentinel by email. com.
Content: Milwaukee, Wright & 2017-
Celebrate Wright\'s birthday.
A driving tour of 12 attractions, including 11 private residences and a public building in the Milwaukee area.
The tour will be built by Wright and six \"like\" architects.
Sponsored by Frank Lloyd Wright of Wisconsin.
Benefits benefit non-profit organizations whose mission is to promote, protect and protect Wright\'s heritage. When:9 a. m. to 5 p. m. June 3.
Tickets: Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin member\'s pre-sale ticket is $60 and non-member\'s pre-sale ticket is $70, which can be obtained in advance by website or phone (608)287-0339. Day-of -
Tickets for the tour cost $10.
Other events: the evening event will be held in conjunction with the tour on June 2, and there will be two families, one designed by Wright and the other by Henry G. Lotter;
Both interior designs are designed by George man nedeken.
See the website for time and fees.
For more information, visit the wrightinwisconsin website. org.
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