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Room to Improve

by:Grade     2020-04-24
Mitchell Owens Gog23, 2007Q.
How should I decorate a long, narrow living room? A. Ill-
Proportional houses are the bane of homeowners and renting r.
Whether it\'s an unexpected low ceiling that makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland, a strange angle, Mars is a square space, or a window that deviates from the center, few design challenges look so bad.
If the indoor bowling alley seems to be more than the living room, my suggestion is to divide and conquer.
Resolve the longand-
Reduce the aspect by dividing the room into two spaces, two equal areas or a larger space, a larger space.
However, this does not mean that the building walls will only create two smaller rooms.
You can separate the room with a pair of floors.
The long curtains on both sides of the room are hung on a rod extending about 4 feet from the wall.
However, some of the most successful solutions include separating the interior with a pair of opposite bookcases at right angles to the wall.
A friend of mine, the taste is good, the room is long and tall, divided into living room and dining area, with custom made
New manufacturing of Blur
About chest high, classical bookcase with books on both sides.
The advantage of these two separate but interrelated spaces is that they are more intimate than the previous ones, although they are as good for entertainment as being alone.
A desk lamp, potted plants and small sculptures can be easily displayed on the top of the bookcase.
Others have adopted similar strategies.
For example, the spacious and handsome living room of fashion designer Oscar de la lunta is divided into dining areas, living areas and libraries by a low bookcase perpendicular to the wall.
Depending on the width of the space, the width of the bookcase or bookshelf unit should not exceed about 48 inch.
It is important to leave a generous start in the new, smaller living area. For the 14-foot-
Spacious living room you describe, sixor eight-
The foot opening is the best, which means you should use a bookcase that is 36 or 48 inch wide.
The height of them depends on the proportion of the room and whether you like the high bookcase or the low bookcase.
Remember the advertisement back-to-
Back to the bookcase you will lose at least 2 feet of the room length.
Make sure the bookcases are flush with the floor so they look a bit built in-in;
Legs can only complicate the visual effect. If standard-
For your taste, it seems too rigid to issue bookcases, and you can also use open bookshelves to give a degree of transparency between the living areas.
Ordering bookcases is an option, but there are many bookcases and room dividers available on the market as well.
Target comes with an open room partition called Exotic Retreat.
Manufactured by International Aim and available only under the wood finish, it looks like an enlarged Chinese finger finish. It costs $269.
99, 67 inch high, 32 inch long, 12 inch deep (800-591-3869 or target. com).
The Shadow Box tower of crates and barrels is a modernist grid
I like cold composition-rolled steel.
It is 44 inch wide, 14 inch deep, 73 inch high and costs $799 (800-967-
6696 or crateandbarrel. com).
Ikea\'s shopdit bookcase is similar in design and has three colors (
Black Birch effectBrown and White)
, Is a cheaper option: it is 58 5/8 High, 15 3/8 deep and 31 1/8 wide for $79 (800-434-IKEA or ikea. com).
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