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save the earth: \'\"the abcs of cfls\"

by:Grade     2020-01-06
Day 5 \"TJ Awareness Day 2008\"
Grade students at Thomas Jefferson School in Morris Town created an exhibition on environmental life.
The students of teacher Jeff Brown gave us more advice, which they called \"Saving the Earth \". . .
Save our future.
Infrastructure of CFLs (
Compact fluorescent lamp)
\"A\" compared to the 6,000 to 15,000 hour range of incandescent lamps, the average life of compact fluorescent lamps is between 750 and 1000 hours.
CFLs are 10 times longer than incandescent lamps on average!
\"B\" has a variety of bulbs.
Consumers can choose between spiral bulbs, three-tube bulbs, dimmer bulbs, earth lights, floodlights and candle holders, which are used in smaller sockets such as chandeliers and ceiling fans.
They have many colors.
The most common colors include soft white, cool white and daylight.
Less common colors include red, green, orange, pink, blue, yellow, and even black.
The specially designed CFLs features dimmable functions.
These specially designed CFLs work on the dimmer switch.
\"E\" CFLs is 3 to 5 times more energy efficient than incandescent lamps.
That means big savings on those already high energy bills.
The \"F\" compact fluorescent light flashes for a few seconds in the past to allow time for the base to generate enough heat to stimulate the gas inside the bulb.
Improvements to the design have almost eliminated the effect of \"flashing.
The CFLs significantly reduced the \"G\" greenhouse gas.
Since CFLs use less energy and produce less carbon dioxide to produce light, the level of hazardous greenhouse gases they emit is significantly reduced.
The \"H\" type CFLs is 75% less heat than incandescent lamps need to produce light.
\"I\" if everyone in the United States changes an incandescent lamp to a compact fluorescent lamp;
We will eliminate the same amount of carbon dioxide as 1 million cars.
A cfl lamp can change the world.
When you switch incandescent lamps to CFL, you save 2000 times the weight of CFL in CO2.
Imagine if everyone switches to CFLs. . .
\"K\" keeps incandescent lamps where you only need a short time.
The CFLs circulating for 5 minutes will reduce the burning time by 85%, the same as the life of incandescent lamps.
It is recommended to ride for 15 minutes. .
CFL uses different techniques to create light. As a result;
The energy consumption of CFL is 75 to 80% lower than that of incandescent lamps. \"M\" Thank you. . .
Morristown wood supply company!
They donated many cfl we donated on Saturday.
Since the new CFLs has been used on average for five years, it has greatly reduced the need to replace the burnt bulb.
The benefits of \"O\" to the environment are obvious! A coal-
13 will be discharged from thermal power plants.
6 mg mercury produces enough power to light up incandescent lamps compared to 3 mg.
CFL 3 mg.
\"P\" if everyone in the US changes an incandescent lamp to a CFL lamp, we can power a 1 year old city.
There are 5 million people.
However, if everyone in the United States changes 34 incandescent lamps to CFLs, we can power the city of 42 million people!
\"Q\" in order to obtain the same light intensity as incandescent lamps, the number of watts of CFL is significantly reduced.
For example, an incandescent lamp of 100 watts needs 100 watts, while the CFL can produce the same amount of light output with only 22 Watts.
The \"R\" compact fluorescent bulb can be recycled!
Bring your burnt CFLs to any Home Depot or Ikea store.
In turn, they send them to a facility that can process and recycle them.
\"S\" CFLs saved you a lot of money!
Although initially more expensive, CFLs uses 1/3 of the electricity and lasts 10 times as long as incandescent lamps.
A single 18-watt CFL instead of 75-watt incandescent lamps will save about 570 KW hours during its service life.
12 cents per kilowatt hour, saving $68.
The \"T\" three-tube lamp is made with more tubes in smaller areas.
They encapsulate the highlights output into a very small space that can be used for fixtures of incandescent lamps such as desk lamps, reading lights, open hanging lights, and bare bulb applications.
\"U\" you should use CFLs because 20% of the household energy bill comes from lighting and CFLs can help change that.
With these savings, you can offset the additional cost of switching the power to a clean power supply.
The \"V\" type CFLs rarely interferes with electronic devices.
Some electronic devices, such as radio and television, use infrared rays to signal, but CFLs rarely interfere with them.
\"W\" manufacturers that produce energy star qualified CFLs need to provide at least 2-
Limited warranty (
Cover manufacturer defects)
For residential and commercial consumers.
\"X\" does mean less, and even though the CFLs cost more initially, they can save you a lot of money during its lifetime.
\"Y\" just say \"yes\" to the compact fluorescent lamp. The EPA (
Environmental Protection Bureau)
Strong support for the use of CFLs in residential and commercial applications.
The number of burnt CFLS that \"Z\" should throw away is zero.
Contact the local waste management agency to find out the right way to discard waste.
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