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second-hand smoke exposure in homes with children: assessment of airborne nicotine in the living room and children’s bedroom

by:Grade     2020-05-18
Background \"smoke-
The free law reduces the second contact of the population. hand smoke (SHS)
Although it is still a problem in the family and other public places.
Children are vulnerable to their health and their greatest exposure occurs at home.
Objective to evaluate the concentration of nicotine in the air in the family living room and children\'s bedroom with children under 13 years of age and to analyze the factors associated with these levels.
We crossed the way.
In a segmented study in Barcelona, a convenient sample was selected from families with at least one child under the age of 13.
The sample included 50 smoking families and 50 non-smoking families.
We measured the concentration of nicotine in the air in the living room and in the children\'s bedroom and used questionnaires given to parents to collect information about family smoking habits.
As a result, families without smokers showed that the concentration of nicotine was lower than the test limit (
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