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Shopping Guide: Desk Lamps

by:Grade     2020-03-30
Even if the digital screen exceeds the printed paper, the desk lamp is still necessary in the Home Office.
\"We still have a few more people who have pencils, pens and books,\" said Lauren griemia, an interior designer in the Bay Area of San Francisco, designed offices for tech clients like Dropbox and Instagram as well as private homes.
But those who do not do so will still benefit from the additional lighting.
That\'s because there\'s a desk lamp.
\"Providing a better quality of light and giving your eyes a break under the glare of the computer screen,\" Geremia said \". Unlike ceiling-
The desk lamp is installed on a fixture that cleans the room with a lamp, providing focused lighting to illuminate the working surface
Whether it\'s long-
Armed models, training the spotlight directly on books or fixtures that emit ambient light.
Before you choose a lamp, think about its size and shape: a headlight can overwhelm something else on your desk --
If it\'s a small table, there\'s the table itself. And a long-
Armed devices may interfere with your computer monitor.
Don\'t forget to check the light output.
Led is becoming more and more common in desk lamps, it provides different degrees of brightness and color.
Warm incandescent lamp
Like glow, look for a color temperature of about 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin.
Consider future uses: a good light can be comfortably installed in several places around your home.
\"Many of the table lamps I bought were eventually used on the bedside table . \"Geremia said.
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