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small bathroom renovations

by:Grade     2020-03-12
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The small bathroom decoration usually includes color changes, tiles, new appliances, some carpentry and plumbing.
Most people choose to do most of their work by themselves and only call merchants when absolutely necessary.
It\'s a big job to make a bathroom renovation plan and you don\'t want to do it once every decade, so spend a lot of time on research.
Before you decide what you want your small bathroom renovation to achieve, you need to know what is available.
Compared to the last time you assembled a new bathroom, there is a wider bathroom suite.
You should visit a professional showroom to see what colors are popular this year and what types of showers and bathtubs are available on the market at the moment.
Spend a lot of time discussing the needs of everyone in the house.
Decide whether to choose a shower and bathtub or a shower and bathtub.
The shower is great for adults, but most kids prefer to take a shower.
If one of you is inconvenienced, the shower may be the only option.
Do you plan to turn your small bathroom renovation into a major project by installing a damp room.
Wet room design and installation is really a job for professionals.
Most people will like wet rooms, but this is not a DIY or low cost construction work.
If you are building a new house or an expansion project, please consider it carefully.
If you are in a wheelchair, you may be happy to have a damp room in 20 years.
What annoys you about your current bathroom is that can your renovation plan eliminate these worries? Can you work in more warehouses? Can the shaver point or larger shower room be fitted with a light in the mirror to shave or make up?
Do you want a built-in radio? How about the embedded ceiling light, it does not collect dead flies. Can you put the ceiling tiles up?
Along the trap at the top of the tile, how about a longer bathtub, you can actually lie down if you are over 4 feet tall. During the planning phase, you need to talk about thousands of issues even before you start looking at a specific project.
Design the room according to your purpose, learn from the previously poorly designed bathroom, your small bathroom renovation project will be what you like, not fear.
When choosing a color bathroom suite, you need to avoid using Super colors
Stylish colors.
You will not like your new bathroom in a few years and would like to redesign it again.
Therefore, the white bathroom suite is very popular at present.
They will never be out of date.
White makes the room look lighter and bigger, and you can change the color of the bathroom decor in a few years without having to tear the whole thing off and start over.
For the same reason, choose a neutral color tile.
Next year, you can paint doors and ceilings to get a new look, but it\'s a hard job to replace the tiles you no longer like.
The light gray looks great, from red to blue, from turquoise to black, any color will match.
Use dark gray accent tiles for modern effects.
The most important decision to take a shower and/or bathtub is the shower, bathtub or shower and bathtub.
There are hundreds of shower designs including corner housing, P-shaped and D-
Shower in shape.
There are many different types of shower entrance doors.
The doors include plastic and tempered glass doors, side doors and hinge doors.
You can get the sliding shower door and there is not even a door at all, it\'s a mini
Inlet bypass arrangement.
Before you make any decision, you need to decide where the shower will go.
You will need to place your shower room at the full height of the ceiling and away from the window.
The location of the bathtub is usually easy because most small bathrooms have only one wall long enough to lean the bathtub against the wall.
If you want to choose a bath shower, then you need to make sure that the bath you bought is designed for this purpose.
The bottom of the bathtub needs to be reinforced so that when a person is standing under the shower, instead of sitting or lying, carrying all his weight in one place.
With the shower in the bathtub, you can make another decision;
Whether to choose a shower diversion faucet or a separate shower heater and pump.
Most people who choose to divert the tap are not very happy and want them to switch to a separate shower heater/pump solution.
Bathroom taps are expensive items, and the money spent on diversion taps will play a role in buying separate devices.
The location of the toilet is the next decision.
Ideally, it will reach where the waste pipe with a diameter of 4 inch already exists, because you need to minimize the bending in the waste pipe to reduce the risk of blockage.
Sink and warehouse you have a sink and storage unit that can be placed around a larger fixture.
Storage under the sink is a great way to use this dead space.
Considering that the renovation of your small bathroom can accommodate as wide as the bathroom countertop.
This will provide you with more storage space. Look for wall-
Installed cabinets or narrow vertical cabinets can fill any gaps and add storage options.
Heating can be achieved using walls-
Install fan heaters or various vertical radiators designed for small bathroom decoration projects like yours.
Embedded ceiling light is a good idea, but know that if you want to use LED bulbs with the lowest energy, you need a lot of such bulbs to reach the lowest light level.
There is a guideline for every 12 inch people.
The less efficient compact fluorescent bulb provides more light, but you still need more space than you think, and these distances are about 30 inch for a comfortable level of light.
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