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solar interior lighting (getting your solar feet wet)

by:Grade     2019-12-30
This is more of a proof of concept for ordinary people and Solar Partners. hippie-alternative-
Energy fans outside.
There\'s no reason anyone has to pay the electricity bill to light up their home.
Most of the energy used in the home comes from heating and cooling of one type or another, E. G. g.
, Air conditioning, water heating, cooking, cold storage.
Only 10 for lighting-
15% of the energy used at home today.
This ratio may be reduced by half or more as the price of LED lighting drops.
But when you can pay the initial fee on the device and then free on the monthly electricity bill, why keep paying for the lighting?
The maintenance of the solar lighting system mainly includes occasional battery replacement.
Other maintenance issues may be storm/hail damage (
Owner insurance coverage---
Check with your insurance company)
Failure of electronic components such as solar panels or charging controllers.
On the good side, if you have a system installed and it lasts for five years, then hopefully the production of solar panels has increased and reduced the cost of replacement.
Not only will solar panels be cheaper in the future, but technological advances will also improve efficiency and make your money more cost-effective.
I want to start with small things.
This is a simple solar night light.
This is where the lights are installed.
Exactly, in the grill area.
I know, it\'s a shame not to use it as a charcoal grill, but it\'s never used for that purpose as far as we know.
Maybe in 1960s, many years ago, it was used, but there is no sign of smoking or use at all now.
The chimney cover needs to be replaced, and the top flue tiles of both chimneys need to be replaced.
If there is no ventilation fan installed on the top of the chimney flue, we will not feel comfortable using it.
If someone is a talented metal worker. .
My ultimate dream of this grill is to put the decorative air-tight door on it and turn it into an indoor smoker.
I think it can also be used as a grill. Indoor smoker . . .
Oh, what a beautiful dream.
What am I talking about?
Oh, yes, solar lighting. . . .
This is not my first attempt.
I opened two solar \"tiki torch\" lights a few years ago.
As can be seen from the picture, I installed the solar panels on the damper and extended the wires along the flue to where I installed the lights. They worked. Sort of.
They really don\'t make much light.
You can see that when the lights in most rooms go out, they are on after dark.
Their flashing is good but not bright enough.
I should add more.
The lower part of the flue has been sealed.
A long 2x2 is screwed on that piece of wood, from where you can see the hanging lights.
I\'m basically like this.
All that changed was the lights and wires at the end.
The door is not well sealed.
I may need to block it with some extruded foam to keep the ventilation cool in the winter and to prevent the air conditioner from entering the damp air outside.
Another benefit of doing this project is that my lady is here
Set up a small winter village scene during the holidays.
This emergency light will be untied and I will attach it to some 12v LED Christmas lights to illuminate the scene.
You need something. 1. A battery (
Or more depending on how big the system you are doing)--
This battery is a 12v sealed AGM battery for children\'s scooters.
I bought it on Amazon for $17.
It\'s a 17 am hour battery. 2.
12v timer or motion sensor--
I can never find the 12v timer.
This is the first time I have tried the Arduino project.
I ordered the Arduino just to laugh and I wanted to find a timer for the last time.
It\'s right there.
Energy Saving Products Co. , Ltd.
From Rome in New York
Not only did I find my timer, but they also brought a bunch of LED bulbs and solar power generation systems.
Shipping was fast and they were helpful when I emailed them.
The 12v timer is a very good gadget.
You can power the timer with a 12v battery, but it is not necessary because there is a battery inside.
I think they\'re talking about 3 v.
Programming is easy and it gives you a lot of choices.
You can program on specific days, weekends, or daily life.
There are 24 time settings, sorting.
The first one is the \"on\" setting and the second one is the \"off\" setting.
It lasts until 24 hours.
They also have 12v motion sensors for anyone who needs one of them. 3.
Some type of light.
I am using about 1 feet and a half of the remaining 5050 LED lights in my LED indirect lighting instructions (
With this in mind, I can add a solar panel and battery now). 4.
Solar Charging Controller. 5.
An online fuse suitable for the amp rating of your project. 6.
A wide range of connectors. Ta-da!
Nothing special.
This is just an enlarged version of the solar garden light.
It\'s simple and cheap.
Anyone planning to build a new home should really consider a 12v solar system that is only used for lighting the entire house.
Strengthen it with more and more batteries (
And properly rated charging controller)
One can easily add DC sockets like this to charge anything that comes with the car lighter charger.
With a-dc, the recessed lights, ceiling mounting lights and the lights on the fan can be easily converted to 12v dc
12v dc led bulb.
You can even modify the fixture to use a low-voltage LED bulb of different socket types.
They are more expensive but will last longer.
It\'s easy to do, and it\'s a way for the world to go to ease the pressure on power delivery systems.
Also, you will have light even in the event of a power outage on the grid.
Go out and save the world now (
Your money in the long run)
Save energy.
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