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spaces: nothing except the kitchen sink charmed this homeowner

by:Grade     2020-08-04
Over the years, she said, her relationship with the 1890-year-old southstown cottage has changed.
It was love at first sight-
Or rather, fell in love with the kitchen sink as soon as it saw it.
The rest of the House needs to work, but there is something in the white porcelain sink, it has a deep round basin and it feels like this.
When she bought the house in 2004, she was only 24 years old and recently started her career as a real estate agent.
\"I\'m young and naive, it\'s good because I don\'t know I walk into 120year-
She said, \"old house.
Over the past eight years, the relationship has gone through some difficult times as she slowly accepts various restoration projects.
\"The house has rested with me several times,\" Tottenham said . \".
She rented out the house twice when life took her to other adventures, but she always went back to work in the House, one project at a time.
Some of her initial projects were about improving the flow of room 1,500. square-
Make them feel more open.
Tottenham pushed down the wall between the dining room and the living room and opened the connection between the dining room and the kitchen.
She also took the space from the living room and closed it to expand the closet and bathroom in the master bedroom.
One day she felt the ceiling in the living room was too low.
She called some friends and took a crowbar. after an hour and a half, the ceiling was ripped off.
She left the ceiling beam and painted everything white.
\"I like to side the long-leaf pine flooring with the bare raf Sub-white,\" she said . \".
At the same time as history, the house itself does not have a strong architectural personality.
In order to increase the contact during the period, Tottenham installed beam windows and bead panel panels above the doorway in a room.
When she bought the house, there was no actual door for all but one door.
It took her years to decide what to do with these empty door frames, but she ended up choosing the white sliding barn door that saved space.
During the years she stayed at home, she worked on projects in every room.
All the floors have been fixed.
The main bathroom was renovated.
She also added a backyard deck in the living room and replaced the single door in the backyard with a wallto-
Wall glass sliding door.
In terms of the Interior, Tottenham chose a simple design.
In addition to the cool blue in the master bedroom, most rooms are painted white.
When choosing furniture, she learned from her grandmother and chose the timeless furniture.
\"My grandmother hasn\'t done the living room for 25 years, but it still looks classic and modern,\" she said . \".
Tottenham also incorporate some modern details, such as a clear acrylic chair and eyes --
The modern chandelier in the restaurant looks like a dazzling lamp.
\"I think good design is when you mix different styles together,\" she said . \".
Her latest project is to renovate the kitchen.
The basin sink that caught Tottenham\'s attention eight years ago is still there, but there are new marble countertops, stainless steel appliances and double ovens.
Tottenham said she grew up in the house.
She can look around and be reminded of the different projects and stages of her life.
\"It symbolizes a lot for me,\" she said . \".
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