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spaces: preserving the family home

by:Grade     2020-01-08
In the years before he bought it, he was very familiar with his house on the west side.
His grandparents live there and he has fond memories of celebrating the festival near Prospect Hill.
After Karon\'s grandmother died, the craftsman-
The stylish home, which is about 1915 M, has been vacant for more than five years because the family feels it is wrong to remove Chuan heir and rent it.
Karon decided to buy it 12 years ago and he moved in.
He knew he was facing some challenges.
His grandparents are at 1,300-sq. ft.
The house is divided into small rooms.
Lots of updates are required for both the kitchen and bathroom.
The room was painted with a hodgepodge of colors-
Blue, pink, green and yellow.
\"It\'s in a very good state, but I know I want to do something about it,\" he said . \".
Carreon first tore off two walls, one between the two bedrooms to build a large new living room and the other between the dining room and the new living room.
The original living room is now used as an entrance and office.
The wooden frame around the window in the new living room \"may be custom made\" and Carreon saved it and painted it bright white in contrast to the walls of the sages.
The oak floor was in good condition so he redecorated it.
The restaurant is a bright studio with Art Deco style-
1930 style furniture purchased by Carreon in a real estate sale.
\"I like to look at real estate sales, not only for goods, but also for house-watching and what people do about the house,\" he said . \".
Karon redecorated the kitchen again, but he thought it was a complement to the retro style of the home.
He moved and expanded from the restaurant door and pulled out a huge old stove that occupied one wall.
The old cabinet was pulled out and replaced with modern glass
Front cabinet made of warm brown wood.
The aging tiles on the counter were torn off and replaced with 18-by-18-
Tile floor tiles inch.
Pull out the three-story tile and reveal the original pine tree floor and old beads, Karon said
The ceiling lit when the drywall was removed.
New appliances, new sinks and butchers are installed in Carreonblock island.
He also put a wine refrigerator and shelf in a niche next to the brick chimney, empty the original wood --burning stove.
In the shower, Karon\'s claws
The footbasin was redecorated, a new sink and toilet was installed, and the bead board was installed in the lower half of the wall.
The two rooms behind the house added many years ago by Karon\'s grandparents were used as dressing rooms/living rooms and bedrooms.
The living room leads to the back porch, and obviously not all the updates are done in it.
A multi-storey deck passes through the back of the House and the back of the detached garage, not the old concrete terrace.
Carreon installed the deck himself and installed a metal roof in the section next to the house.
Although the House continues, Karon is pleased that he has kept the house in his home.
\"I don\'t know if I can live anywhere else,\" he said . \".
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