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super cheap bathroom remodel guide

by:Grade     2020-01-13
Whether you want to increase the value of your house, or you want to get your asking price at the time of sale, or you just want to make yourself happy, super cheap bathroom remodel is an easy item to get a return on.
The super cheap bathroom remodel has six elements: lighting, paint, wall decoration, mirrors, shower curtains and linens.
Even if your tiles are outrageous, the super cheap bathroom remodel will make your bathroom even more beautiful.
Pink Tiles? No problem.
1950s avocado green bathtub?
No, really, it helps.
First of all, you have to draw.
The key is to apply neutral tones to the bathroom, which makes you and potential buyers relaxed.
Never underestimate the power of white paint, especially if you have rough-colored tiles like pink or avocado green tiles.
If you have a neutral tile, you feel lucky.
You can be more creative with paint colors (
Remain neutral, though)
If you are neutralcolored tile.
If you have fancy tiles, the best option is to turn whitewhite.
If you have bold tiles, don\'t try to paint the bathroom with contrasting or matching shades.
Believe me, it will look scary no matter how well you paint it.
Do a favor and prepare the walls before painting.
Next is the biggest ticket item: new light fixtures.
Although you can still be within budget, this is where you want to spend money.
Pick a new fixture and install it once the paint is dry.
To buy something of great power;
Your friend alone
Replace ceiling fixtures and wall fixtures.
Clean and classic things;
You won\'t have any regrets.
Now you will replace wall decorations such as towel rack and electric light switch cover.
Especially if you have fancy tiles, decorate with white or chrome walls.
Do not install gold in any case
Sound or brass wall accent.
If your sink faucet is golden, Please color or replace it.
Installing a new faucet is easier and cheaper than you think, and has had a huge impact on the aesthetics of the bathroom.
Chrome single-
The best option is the handle faucet.
Next, decorate the mirror in the bathroom.
There are a lot of tutorials on how to do this, including a homeowner/DIY blogger and using pre-near Minneapolis-
Cut off the mirror in his bathroom, cut off the decor and nails. So easy; so cheap; big payoff.
We are looking for interesting parts: Changing the shower curtain and linen.
The shower curtain occupies the main real estate of the bathroom.
It can make or break the look of your bathroom.
Purchase curtains with natural materials and padding.
Linen and cotton duck will definitely add a casual and elegant look to pink or avocado green --tiled bathroom.
Solid colors such as white, cream or beige are the best.
If you have \"unique\" color tiles, white shower curtains for white walls and natural materials are the best choice.
Buy linen in the same tone as the shower curtain.
Since your shower curtain is in white, beige or cream color, your bath mat and towel should also be in that shade.
You can add matching toothbrush holders, tissue boxes and soap dispensers.
They can be cheap.
O as long as they match and classic clean --looking.
This simple and super cheap bathroom remodel will make your bathroom more spa-
It means more tranquility and refinement.
Enjoy the fun of your super cheap bathroom remodel project, please share tips in the comments.
Chaya Kurtz writes for Networx. com.
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