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the 10 best desk lamps

by:Grade     2020-05-19
This light and stylish black tripod lamp is reminiscent of film-
Set up studio lights.
It\'s big, bold and bright, and sometimes it\'s almost too bright.
It\'s perfect if you\'re making complex toy models or, in fact, if you\'re shooting someone. £80, habitat. co. uk{2}
John lewis leo led clip this stylish clip light comes in both black and white colors.
It has 18 LEDs so it has some oomph.
It is fully flexible and the slinky neck allows you to easily change the focus and direction of the light. £30, johnlewis. com{3}
At the higher end of the desk lighting budget, the FLOS Piani light is a modern conversation appetizer.
It gives a perfect concentration of warm light and focuses on the work you are doing.
The light is also reflected from the smooth acrylic body, which has multiple colors including: white, red, green and black. John Lewis, £ 175com{4}
Designed by Spanish lighting expert Santiago selavano Sebastian, Grupo telescopipicdesign, this chic red desk lamp is really stylish.
Its stylish body and polished chrome base make it a work of art and a practical lamp, and telescopic shadows can also be used to adjust the direction of the light.
Selfridges department store the company 275 GBPcom{5}
The bulldog is not a desk lamp in a strict sense, but when you work, this little guy will inject some British bulldog spirit into your life.
It gives a natural warm light, and its thermoplastic body ensures long
Like a Man\'s best friend, it is durable and will always be with you. £88, liberty. co. uk{6}
This simple desk lamp uses an energy-efficient LED bulb to light up your hard work.
It has a good minimum-
The atmosphere of fashion continues.
Polished Chrome stems are elegant and modern, combined with an adjustable neck, allowing you to guide the flow of light. £29. 95, dwell. co. uk{7}
These diffuse glass desk lamps come in four different sizes.
Their spherical and intriguing design provides a modern, almost Zen atmosphere for any office or bedroom with a dimmer switch that adjusts the light to your mood£98. 54, designer-lights. com{8}
This clamp desk lamp is classic in modern style.
Clips can be attached to many surfaces-
The edge of the table, shelf and headboard-you can name it.
In the smallest or largest room, the smooth, matted steel body looks good. £15, habitat. co. uk{9}
Polished chrome-plated hobby ideal brightness, tilted neck and full
A beautiful round of aesthetics.
This is perfect for home and office and it is easy to transport if you go from room to room.
The lamp has a polished chrome surface and a stylish body for only £ 20. £20, debenhams. com{10}
This simple and chic desk lamp has a variety of colors and is built in-
In the LED light source that emits warm white light.
This light, simple and elegant in style, will not bankrupt the bank and is suitable for any of the 10 Ikea rooms.
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