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the 50 greatest cafés on earth

by:Grade     2019-12-29
When I travel, I go to a cafe no matter where I go, except for museums, monuments, temples, churches, and even restaurants.
There are many reasons.
There is no place like its cafe.
Without them, what would Vienna, Rome and Paris look like?
Not just history and prosperity.
It is the window of the world.
You will see ordinary people-locals and tourists-coming and going, taking time between work and family, meeting friends or colleagues and joining the family.
If they are not in the cafe, you can watch them on the street or on a shady terrace.
Depending on the time of day, I may ask for a wake-up call-me-
Espresso, after-dinner coffee or late coffee
A black coffee with a little brandy.
I eat sometimes and drink sometimes.
I would like an iced coffee or an ice cream if the weather is mild.
I usually bring a book to read or doodle.
We are all familiar with the relationship between writers and philosophers, as well as their favorite cafes.
During the holidays, the cafe is the favorite postcard for everyone.
Graffiti point: a space to relax, gather ideas, and remember loved ones.
In Italy, cafes seem to be all about energy and the hustle and bustle of the city-fast shooting, short exchange of news and gossip, and we go to work or play.
In Turkey, the cafe is social and can slow down life with soft, wide seats and maybe a hookah that can blow.
In Paris-and many cities that follow its example, from the capital of Argentina, from Tangier to Hanoi-cafes are a way of life: where a person is, where to flirt, where to repent, consultation, creation.
My favorite cafe is almost as precious to me as the place I have stayed in.
When I go back to certain cities, especially in my favorite continent-South America, I go to those cafes-cheers to my happy return and touch base.
The options below contain my own 40 choices, 10 of which are chosen by local experts from the Daily Telegraph, who live in their favorite city or revisit it regularly
A great cafe is as important as a cathedral, a world-
A miracle of ancient ruins or modern architecture.
Some have licenses to provide drinks, some are known locally as bars, and many provide food-but these iconic cafes offer coffee and chat --
Have a good atmosphere in their operations center.
A 1902 Art Nouveau Beauty-far from the brown, intoxicating \"cafe\" as diamond merchants come from drug dealers.
Stained glass windows with lead and Tiffany lights keep the interior low profile
Bright Dark wood floors and geometric decorations add a sober Dutch style to the luxurious excess.
Sit on a stool at the gorgeous curved bar, or pack a spacious booth for Amsterdam\'s breakfast with fruit bread, tle Hemp cheese and beef sausage.
The cafe has been renovated recently, but the atmosphere is still intact.
Part of the American Hotel in Amsterdam, named after the popular diluted espresso coffee in the United States. Leidsekade 97 (
0031 556 3010; cafeamericain. nl)
Dome ceiling, gorgeous azulejos and copper
This gorgeous art nouveau coffee and cake shop on the edge of historic Bairro Alto, decorated with golden capital, is a glory.
Freshly baked bread, pastries, snacks and strong bicas (
Espressos using robusta and Arabica beans in Portugal)
There\'s cappuccino in the glass.
A curved counter or small table on the table top-there are seats outside.
Ceramic tiles engraved with \"bread Cathedral\" in the back;
Although the service is casual and friendly, it does look like this.
Rua Dom Pedro v57 (
0035 322 4356)
This narrow counter
Fashion Cafe reminds us of the coffee boom in the West End in our 50 s, when Italian expats and travel salesmen introduced us to their latest Steam
Nevertheless, the Italian bar, which opened in 1949, was a little earlier. Neon-
Still using a nice old fashioned Gaggia machine and the Formica bar in red and white, football memorabilia and an extremely cluttered ceiling-the Italian three-color flag is everywhere-reminiscent of a bohemian Soho that has long been forgotten.
21 Freys Street (020 7734 4737; baritaliasoho. co. uk)
A long time ago, most stores could be a bit like this-packed with a wide variety of stores, run by helpful, informative staff, focused on value, not set in stone.
This quirky, small, aromatic Soho store opened in 1887 and only serves takeout or \'standing room\' coffee and tea, but it stores a range of delicious coffee beans (
80 varieties counted last time, 1 at a time)
Candy, grinder, chocolate and spices are also available.
The atmosphere is rare in central London.
52 Old Compton Street (020 7437 2480; algcoffee. co. uk)
Behind the magnificent 1860 façade is the opera beauty fantasy of the Naples landscape artist for crystal chandeliers, marble floors, finely carved plaster, light reliefs and oil paintings.
Panettone, pastries and ice cream are the best in the city-sfogliatella riccia (
Cream crispy tail)
It\'s legendary-and espressos is hot and strong.
Including Oscar Wilder.
Fascist thought Gabriele D\'Annunzio (
Although the cafe was closed for a while because of its reputation as an anti-corruption centerFascist dissent)
Hemingway and Jean-Paul Sartre.
Through Chiaia month, the Rieste electronic Trento 42 in the square (
0039 081 41 75 82;
Grancaffegambrinus. com)
This is the place to make pancake food, although the budget here is not particularly high with the development of pancakes, in terms of quality, it leads the street ahead of the competition.
Although it is often used as a children\'s restaurant, the environment here is a shabby beach cottage, and the customers are fashionable Marais.
The selection of galettes sweet egg pancake has a salty taste from the classic complète (
Eggs, cheese and ham)
Imaginative creation109 wiyer Streetdu-Temple, 75003 (
0033 42 72 13 77; breizhcafe. com)
It used to be elite, and this 1921 institution will dazzle you before you get close to it.
The new art-style marble facade has dozens of small windows and exquisite window decorations that turn into gold when the lights light up.
It has heavy lacquered wood products, leather decorations and gorgeous mirrors, which is exactly where you can imagine the port vineyard owners meeting their friends who landed;
There is a wide variety of coffee and cakes on the menu, as well as desserts that match the wine port.
Santa Catalina Narua, 112 (
00351 222 003 887; cafemajestic. com)
The Czech capital has magnificent cafes and bohemian bars, but these 18-year-
The old reconstruction of a legendary venue highlights the attention to detail
Simple and cool customer.
Under the barrel-
Like a vaulted ceiling in your twenties
The style of armchairs, tables and antiques, as well as the lovely low light, creates an atmosphere suitable for the political atmosphere;
This is what Kafka thinks about metaphysics in Montmartre. Retezova 7 (
00420 cm 602 cm 277 cm 210 cm)
Skip the trendy espresso bar and enjoy the retro charm of this 1959 body.
Dark wood tables, yellow walls and plenty of bare oil and red carpet touches the sweet spot between chic and family, and a group of old regulars and young customers ensure a good atmosphere.
Complimentary coffee refill and large cream wrap. Odengatan 80-82 (
0046 08 32 01 06; ritorno. se)
Not the original Swansea Kadoma-Hitler paid the money in 1941-but it feels the same as it looks.
This wonderful, spacious family opened in 1957friendly café-
The restaurant still has original wood paneling, tile flooring and decor
Provide nostalgic fixes to many of its senior customers.
As evidence of further proof that caffs are about time
Traveling, using Kardomah as the Doctor of the location, it was found that Russell T. Davis sipped here.
Castle of \"port caldom\" including Dylan Thomas, Alfred Janes and Vernon Watkins;
This is often frequented by people who write and draw.
Morris Building, 11 Portland Street (01792 652336;
Kardomahcoffeeshop. co. uk)
Italy\'s most undervalued city was once a seaside outpost of the Habsburg Empire.
So, it\'s no wonder that it has several cafes as magnificent as Vienna.
Rieste is the home of Erie, once the main port of coffee from Africa and Asia;
Triestinos have coffee of about 40 words and they are very precise about how to provide coffee.
This elegant and spacious bookstore cafe opened in 1914 with a gorgeous separation-
Interior style and beautiful murals.
It is the center of anti-corruption.
It is associated with James Joyce and local writers, especially Italo SVO.
Through Battisti 18 (
0039 040 064 1724; caffesanmarco. com)
Visitors to this beautiful city of Piemont will soon find bicerin a rich coffee, chocolate and cream drink ideal for Alpine winter afternoons.
Whether it was invented in this old cafe from 1763 is questionable-but the place is really a mean version.
The room is very small and comfortable, but there are beautiful mirrors, marble tables and handmade
Caff è al Bicerin\'s \"steel fixtures\" reflects the upgrade of cafes over 1800 years, designed to attract businessmen and industrialists, and is unique to wealthy female customers at the time.
Customers include Nietzsche, Puccini, Eco (
Cafes in Prague Cemetery)
And Susan Biden.
Lavazza has a headquarters in Turin, which makes it a competitor to Trieste\'s title of \"the capital of Italian coffee.
Consolata square, 5 (
0039 011 436 9325; bicerin. it)
Thomas Bernhard, a pessimistic novelist, once stayed here, but don\'t let it upset you.
Braunerhof is unconsciously a place of literature, but it attracts more writers and more groups than it is-those who want to be writers.
Some cafes look better when they are busy.
When the crowd at lunch time leaves, this one looks best and lets dreamers in the afternoon browse through a variety of newspapers.
Stallburggasse month (0043 512 3893)
The Austrian capital is a serious coffee city, where composers, artists, writers, generals and the Duke regularly visit several historic dens.
Some are surrounded by tourists.
A lot of people make a fuss.
Opened in the dark of 1939, Hawelka is still able to feel the local, quiet bohemian vibe and disappear a bit from the main tourist route.
Please note that the Viennese have their own language, so there is no cappuccino or latte here but melange, Schwarzer and Esner.
Dorotheergasse month (
0043 512 82 30; hawelka. at)
Share the same location as a small but exciting museum exploring the Dada movement-established here in 1916-bar --
The cafe offers delicious coffee, craft beer and cocktails, as well as a selection of vermouth wines at three o\'clock A. M. seven days a week.
During the First World War, Switzerland was a safe haven for artists and gangs gathered here-including Tristan Zera, Jean/Hans AP and Amy Hennings-to be trueTwenty-
Zurich was a bank center in the first century and it was a nice place.
The corner of art activism.
The space is still full of art and fun, and students are pouring in after listening to the lectures. Mirror 1 (
0041 268 5720;
Volt. ch)
This 1953-square-meter coffee shop in the Square District offers the best coffee in the capital of Ethiopia, sourcing coffee beans from the Highlands-said to be the source of the original wild coffee bush. It’s a stand-and-
But African countries
Themed decor, vintage furniture, maps, decorations and friendly staff make it more special and atmospheric than the nearest Tomoca store.
The coffee is ground on site and sold out in kilograms. Wawel St (
00251 111 1781; tomocacoffee. com)
Although Reslau opened in 2007, it is considered a staple food, a firm Coffee, a veteran of coffee --mad city.
This is part of the historic Elliott stable District, which is small, smart, dimly lit, equipped with charming waiters and skilled baristas-they mix coffee with a sweet Rangitoto
The bakery is well received for its pastries, and the breakfast standard is also very creative.
Toast beans with Sumai and kale, anyone?
39 Elliot Street (09 309 5039; reslau. co. nz)
This classic corner cafe opened in 1928 on the site of an ordinary store related to the age of gaucho-old Pullia, with grid tiles on the floor, small wooden tables specially designed for intimate relationships and many individual clients, ceiling fans, typical Argentine \"fileteado\" decorative signage, and large windows overlooking two old streets of San Telmo.
The dimples of British railway workers, a crazy general during a dictatorship (1976-83)
Insist on changing the name to El tánico.
It faced the threat of closure in 2006, but local celebrities and regulars succeeded in trying to save it.
The city was built in a park opposite the south. facing windows. 399 Brazilian Avenue (
0054 4361 2107)
As one of the great capitals of coffee culture, the capital of Argentina, there are more than 80 \"cafe celebrities\"-the historic bars and cafes listed by the municipal government, which are said to be protected, but not always. Laid-
Come back, carefully decorated La Biela, though iconic, is still the place where locals meet at the wellmade cortado.
In exquisite Recoleta, less than five minutes walk from marble
A walled cemetery buried with Evita and her disgusted nobles has always been a pit
Go buy a smart suit.
In their fifties, the driver drove here (
\"Biela\" is \"con rod \").
Sit under ceiling fans and old photos, or sit on the mural terrace under the giant limbs of the rubber tree. For an after-
Dinner, order a carajillo (
Espresso of local brandy).
Corner of juning and Quintana (
0054 4804 0449; labiela. com)
Tortoni, South America\'s most famous and beautiful cafe, moved to the site in 1880 (
First Tortoni opened in 1858)
It is a magnet for visitors, but if you go first thing in the morning or winter, you will easily find a seat and can\'t see a selfie
Snapshot for a few hours
The green marble table, Tiffany lights, and wood paneling give it an atmosphere of a luxurious library-as the authors of Jorge Luis Borges and Roberto Alte like
825 Avenida de Mayo (
0054 4342 4328; cafetortoni. com. ar)As the second-
The world\'s largest coffee producer, second only to Brazil and the world\'s leading exporter of Roberta beans, should have more good cafes in Vietnam.
Hanoi\'s Cafe, founded in 1946, survived the war and disaster through relocation and is now located in an alley in the old town.
Basic, comfortable and friendly.
The house features ca phe trung, or egg coffee, which is a drink because it is easier to get egg yolks than milk condensed milk, adding cream and cheese to make it very fragrantsweet.
39 Lake Huan Street, Nguyen (
0084 04 294 0495; giangcafehanoi. com)
The caducoy body opened in 1923.
Everything is busy, from the gorgeous tiles at the bar and foot to the messy sacks and machinery, to the constant flow of customers. Top-
Grade Brazilian beans are baked and ground on site, then brewed in a small copper pan called cezve with Turkish flavor.
There are several branches in Fazil Bay, but this is the original one.
Cad (Serasker) 1a
0090 cm 216 cm 450 cm 2870 cm)
La Paz is not yet a serious coffee city.
This is a new, stylish, odd-named Little cafe tucked away in one of the best cafes in the Bolivian capital --
Gisbert, a well-known bookstore, is in some way the city center\'s crowded sidewalk-or thin air-the best place to rest when you\'re exhausted.
The old typewriter respects the author\'s craft, and skilled baristas use high-quality beans steamed, dripping, Nitro, and pressed beer from the sultry Yuna area.
1270 Calle Comercio (
0059 122 12 22 00;
Coffee for writers. com)
Beautiful wood and wine
Packed with bars and display cabinets, old photos and mirrors on the walls, this 1905 Café is one of the happiest cafes in the Peruvian capital.
Full lunch from noon, breakfast from eight o\'clock A. M. is great, known for butifarra-slow sanmeiji --cooked pork.
In a corner opposite the presidential palace, it has long been a favorite of politicians.
202 Kelon Ancash (0051 427 0181;
Odano restaurant. com)
From 1954-a long time ago the city\'s regular-
It is reported that this is a classic espresso bar offering first-class Italian flavorstyle coffee (
Use the same Victoria beans over the years)
As well as the appropriate soup, vegetable soup, grannie.
Classic checkered floors, dusty posters and paintings, flashing neon lights and two rows of long stools attract the likes of Hollywood stars Ava Gardner, Anthony Perkins and Russell Croy
68 Bourke Street (
0061 9662 1885; on Facebook)
If there is a competition for the biggest cafe in front of the client, the 1952 large cafe near Juarez will win the competition.
Legend has it that Fidel Castro and Che Guevara planned the Cuban revolution here, and exiled Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his 1967 novel lonely 100
The waitress and coffee are a bit sour (
Local people add condensed milk)
-But high walls, huge black and white city views, hanging fans and intervals-
Different tables evoke different times and different Mexico City.
Other VIP clients include the Mexican poet octaviio Paz and the Chilean novelist Roberto borcanio.
62 Avenida Morelos (0055 5546 0255; on Facebook)
Like most things in the capital of Uruguay, the old cafe, which opened in 1877, is actually small and inconspicuous.
Regular wooden tables and paneling, monochrome photos on the wall, nice chandeliers and cool, low-rise furniture
The bright interior makes it feel like writing.
Writer Eduardo Galeano, a frequent visitor to the Galeano cafe, commemorates him with amareto.
In the old town, but in addition to the main walking resistance, it is more popular with fast traders and locals who have lunch than tourists, who, in any case, are very short in the city. 1447 itzaingó (00598 2917 2035cafebrasilero. com. uy)
The former French cafe in Montreal is now dominated by \"invite only\" community clubs, multi-price work areas, and opportunistic, who claim Leonard Cohen wrote his early masterpieces on the stool.
Olimpico is great as it is just a cafe.
In arty on 1970 (
More and more gentle)
Mile End, this is a little Brown who is always busy and bustling-
Hued cafe, which provides first-class espressos, macchiatos and cappucinos for mixed customers.
With the introduction of Italian pop music and the movement of football flags, it\'s more like a hole in Milan --in-the-
In this regard, the Wall is bigger than any Canadian or French. 124 Rue St-Viateur West (
001 514 495 0746cafeolimpico. com)
The dimly lit Greenwich Village classic coffee shop, known as the \"original cappuccino bar\", owner and hairdresser Domenico Parisi imported the first coffee machine into the United States in 1927 to serve customers while they waited.
Dark brown tones dominate, with moody oils and reliefs on the walls, and soft cushions on the beautifully carved benches, showcasing gorgeous brass beauties.
Customers include Beats, Bob Dylan and Joseph brotsky.
119 McDougall Street (
001 212 475 9557caffereggio. com)
The oldest cafe in Pretoria was originally established in 1905, but later closed and reopened as a coffee shop and bistro in 1994.
In a charming corner, sunburst murals and prototypes decorated with new art style on the front
Decorative geometry-the mural area under the tin roof looks like a car and inside is almost a bar --
Like, there are stools, long wooden strips, and tile floors.
2 Church Square (
0027 323 1332; on Facebook)
Opened by Portuguese immigrants in 1894, this luxury, high
New art style ceiling
The style salon is framed by a gorgeous color-
Glass sunroof and plenty of mirrors and crystal glassware, reviewing the days of Rio as the capital and economic powerhouse.
It is located in the heart of the city, close to the bank, not the beach, and is a place to talk to presidents, intellectuals, writers and musicians.
There are plenty of pastries to choose from at the cafe downstairs, including classic Portuguese pastel and local caipirinha tart.
The balcony on the floor is more suitable for dining.
32 Rua Gonsalves Dias (
0055 2505 1500;
Confeitariaombo. com. br)
Jess martin, a coffee farmer, attributed the international image of Colombian coffee beans to him.
His little spirit
Find flagship cafe in Salento, downtown Columbia
Known as the Coffee Triangle, it\'s worth joining here because it\'s at the source-and also because trained baristas are educated and enthusiastic while offering fresh espressos, water drops and filtered beerCalle 6 (
0057 300 7355679(Cafejesusmartin. com)
Although it is a big coffee country, its cafe is not famous.
Alma de Cafe, in the former \"ladies salon\" later on the 19 th --
Century National theater, only 7 years old, but in an old-
Decorated with patriotic ceiling murals, velvet curtains, chandeliers and a beautifully designed bar that looks like a church altar.
There are also delicious chicken patties and pancakes, as well as exquisite English coffee.
2nd Avenue/5 Street (00506 2010 1110
Beach Union and defeat Union-Alan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Neil casadi (
Anti-Hero model in Kerouac\'s On The Road)
Hang out here-the decoration inside and outside of the 1948 cafes blends the rotation of the Viennese with the Frisco freak.
The two-story wall illuminated by Tiffany\'s lights and the art plasters of the long bar are good for coffee-whether or not there is brandy, whiskey or other spirits.
Along with the City Light bookstore across the street, this
The favorite Chinatown bar is a landmark in American anti-mainstream cultural stories.
255 Columbus Avenue (
001 415 362 3370vesuvio. com)
Opened in 1975, when Seattle was helping.
Start the \"third wave\" of specialty coffee and handmade coffee\"
During the production process, the Allegro has always adhered to the principle of serving the community and regulars-many of which are university related-using elaborate latte, flat whites and espressos, using its excellentbatch beans.
The bare brick, the high wall covered with colorful advertisements and the dedicated art space give it a casual, learning atmosphere.
4214 University Road, NE (
001 206 633 3030seattleallegro. com)For coffee-
Lovers, this is quite handsome, low-keykey, standing-room-
Only cafes are worth a short stay.
During the peak season, this is the place to attract tourists. there is a lot of possibility to queue up, but that is because it is the oldest Starbucks in existence.
The first opened in 1971, near 2000 West Avenue, and moved to Pike Place in 1912 six years later.
Love chain or hate chain, the place where the US puts coffee on its production line, has made coffee with cars, movies, burgers and pizzas-which helps launch the global lifestyle campaign.
1912 Pike Place (
001 206 448 87621912pike. com)
In a city that is often considered a new technology, this 1956 Dabang traditional coffee shop in the historic Juneau District is a respectable choice.
It used to be a hotbed of political discussion, and when Korean students gathered to discuss democracy, it still had a student --
Elegant design with comfortable booth and old wine display.
The cream cheesecake is great with iced coffee and lemonade. 119 Daehak-ro (
0082 742 2877, hakrim. pe. kr)
This is owned by boxer Luigi koruzzi (Luigi Coluzzi) and collided with brightly colored souvenirs, a rare firmness in fashion-defined scenes.
It attracted a group of lawyers and judges dressed in Leka, older Italian gentlemen, gay darlinhurst and cyclists.
It is very Australian, but you can see the outdoor terrace in the open square of Naples.
Half a century is old in Sydney and coffee is top notch. notch.
322 Victoria Street (
0061 9380 5420; on Facebook)
It\'s natural that hooligans and writers, spies and dirty cities should have cafe culture.
The big cafe has been located at the corner opposite the French consulate in Morocco since 1927, with lots of seating outside, where locals chatter and watch traffic and smoke (
They smoke in it, too)
Cafe in lait.
Retro furniture;
The soft vinyl surround seats and banquets explain to some extent why no one is in a hurry to leave.
Francis Bacon and Jean Ji are hanging around here.
Movies that use the cafe as a location include the dawn of life and The Bourne Ultimatum.
1 place in France (
00212 53 9 93 84 44)
Paulista\'s first cafe (After Sao Paulo)
Opened in 1911, free shipping of coffee beans from Brazil, part of a plan to promote tea and coffeeloving Japan.
The magnitude 1923 earthquake destroyed the original appearance.
The location of this Ginza was opened in 1970, when it was very much: low
Leather seats, interior plants and ancient carvings, as well as general decor Brown like coffee.
Brazil still imports beans, and prices are low in the region.
1/f long nagasaki City Center, 8-9-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku (
0081 120 2341; paulista. co. jp)
From the architecture of the Edwardian era to the prominent pink neon sign, to the unreconstructed decor-not to mention the-
Cool name-you will love this 1942 restaurant-cum-coffee shop.
Climb up one of the red vinyl stools drilled on the floor at the changfumika bar, or pack a high footrest
With a walled wooden booth, you can enjoy a plate of omelet, pork chops or fried chicken, as well as a filtered coffee or Ovaltine shake prepared on an old-fashioned machine.
It is often used as a place for film shooting, and when it is dark outside, the place presents a clearly unIrish Edward Hooper quality.
251 Hastings Street (
001 604 685 7021ovaltinecafe. ca)
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