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the 6 most ill-conceived video game accessories ever

by:Grade     2020-01-13
Every time a new console comes up, there are tons of accessories to help people make the most of their games.
Customize colors, shapes, decals for style awareness, customize game genies for those who like to play games in God mode, and customize comfortable grip for endurance players.
There are also some accessories made by the company, apparently run by crazy scientists.
Wii car adapter you can play Wii in the car.
You can crash when you play Wii in the car.
We don\'t think the manufacturer actually decided to make these specific power adapters and LCD screens for the Wii, but instead decided to put the Wii tag on what they were lying in the warehouse.
There is no idea about the terrible, terrible consequences.
Don\'t get me wrong, setting up a small screen connected to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 on your SUV or minivan can be a great way to spend time on a long trip.
If you are a child, you will not feel bored, you will not start complaining, and if you are a parent, you will not have any thoughts about being late --
Age adoption or vasectomy
But we have the Wii, which is a machine based entirely on open arms when you play.
Until now, it is limited to a comfortable back seat where you are 3 inch away from the passenger next to you (
Instead of recommending 3 feet for some Wii games
Within the reach of the driver\'s head.
Yes, playing Wii in your car is laughing in front of death.
We won\'t see teenagers racing in a few years and they will pair and cross-race
Wii tennis car game
5 sega Activator (
For Sega century)
In the end, you will feel like you are part of the game.
When you punch, your man punch, when you kick, when your man kicks, when you jump, you end up getting closer to beingninja.
In 1993 Sega had an incredible 65% market share in the video game industry, and when it was released, the activator appeared to be a gift from the video game God, decades ahead of the time.
It is no longer awkward A, B, Up, B, to complete the action in the mortal quick play.
Just stretch your hand to the ground and throw your arm up to remove your opponent\'s spine. Well, no.
You have to move your arm to one of the eight quadrants that make up the activator instead of the button cashing. So to do Sub-
Zero death, not forward, down, forward, you just need to throw a punch in front of you, then throw a punch behind you, throw a punch in front of you, then punch back on both sides of you.
Even if you do move your arms at the right time and in the right area, you have to deal with your ceiling and screw everything up.
Yes, if you don\'t have a ceiling fan and a low flat ceiling without a ceiling light/chandelier, then you can\'t use the activator because all the magical infrared beams will be distorted.
Also warned not to use it with mirror ceiling.
Hell, Sega, every room in our house was eliminated!
We think you have some issues with leather curtains and satin leopard
Any more sheets? 4AlphaGrip AG-
5 PC game and text input controller this horrible controller will improve your efficiency in all computing tasks, from writing emails to making financial spreadsheets, it also makes you the owner of all video games.
The idea of alphencp making things easier is by simplifying the keyboard and mouse that PC players are so used to and stuffing them all into one controller.
While the normal PC game controller has 12 to 15 buttons, the alphencp has only 42 buttons to make things easier.
It\'s like translating Shakespeare into Klingon. The 42-
The key design is to allow all 10 fingers to be used at the same time.
Obviously, the manufacturer feels that your little finger is excluded from all the fun.
The manufacturer also can\'t think of 42 features for the buttons, so 6 of them are SHIFT keys.
Have a capital
Shift and number
Shift on the left and right sides of the controller (
Don\'t worry, they don\'t forget the cap lock).
The creator obviously knows that when you just die on the screen, you can never find the shift key fast enough to type the omg h @ XoRz! ! ! !
If you count your work-
Key combos, you can do 700 different functions, none of which can help you find a girlfriend.
3 Power Gloves for Nintendo Entertainment System (1989)
Put on this glove and you will be the god of the ten. year-olds.
You can use your little finger to kill those impossible bosses and get into puberty three years in advance, because how Manly this hardware will make you.
Power gloves are the most beautiful accessories Nintendo has ever made.
It looks great in function.
Length of business/Film (
Starring Fred Savage).
Lucas Barton, the villain in the film, has a famous saying, \"I like power gloves \". It\'s so bad!
\"Like the activator, the power gloves have sensors, and in this case you have to connect three bulky sensors to the TV: two on the top and one on the side.
Once they are in place and stay there for more than five minutes, you can start to calibrate the direction of the glove by pointing to the sensor for a long time.
Fingers control themselves either don\'t work at all or they work and never close the game of Super Mario Brothers.
An experiment that tries to get Mario to kill himself alive while you\'re depressed.
Despite Mattel\'s bankruptcy, the Japanese manufacturer of gloves went bankrupt.
US manufacturer)
Do better by convincing the children to buy it (
Is to force their parents to buy them).
That year, it was difficult for many children to learn to trust Hollywood\'s product layout when making a purchase decision.
Atari 2The MindlinkYou can kill pixels.
The Mindlink is a head strap for the Atari 2600 and other Atari consoles.
The Mindlink ad says it can read what you think. It didn\'t.
This may be a good thing because you may not want your parents to see the explanation of your adolescent thinking on the screen.
What Mindlink actually does is read the movement that your head does when you change your eyebrows.
No, it\'s cool to play video games with eyebrows even in your 80 s.
During the test, most players have a headache because they have to concentrate on moving their eyebrows in the right way, so that the infrared sensor of the headband can detect movement and project it back to the console.
Don\'t believe them?
Turn on the radio and try to move the eyebrows to the beat in time for half an hour or so. We\'ll wait.
It is intended to be released in 1984. Yes, \"intended.
\"It\'s too bad to even put into production.
Another interesting thing is that this controller was designed during the crash of the big video game in 1983-\'84.
We suspect that the game industry will die forever if this thing enters the market. 1R. O. B. (
Robot Operating Partner)It\'s a robot.
This is a clever marketing strategy that allows people to buy the Nintendo Entertainment System. R. O. B.
It\'s a cute robot that doesn\'t do much.
You can get R by pressing the button on the regular NES controller. O. B.
To move his arm, turn from one side to the other, or press the button at the bottom of his frame.
In the game, R. O. B.
Execution causes something to happen on the screen (maybe).
It will be very interesting before you realize R. O. B.
Too slow, you can click the button on RO. B.
Save time by moving his arms and head.
He can hinder the game more than anything else.
What is Nintendo thinking? Well, the R. O. B.
After the 1985 collapse of video games in North America, NES came out in 1983 --\'84.
There are at least 14 different consoles on the market, each with its own indie game series and each one is very bad.
Most consumers just walked away.
NES and R are tied together. O. B.
And stood up immediately.
What console does the robot partner have?
The imagination of the children is crazy.
When they find that the robot is worthless, they are addicted.
Nintendo sold 1 million consoles in North America in its first year.
After gaining a foothold in the market, Nintendo quietly stopped selling R. O. B.
Bundle and sell NES yourself.
We\'re still waiting for someone else to try this out. after 23 years, they can actually include a robot that can work ---
Maybe someone who can sit on the couch and play games with us. And is female.
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