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the art of compromise

by:Grade     2020-01-27
When newlyweds Sigrid Insull and Bill Lucking start to create life and family together, their differences may turn marriage happiness into a battlefield.
She\'s a Democrat.
He\'s a Republican.
She\'s an early man.
He works best at night.
She read the front page of the newspaper first.
He went to the comics.
For the most part of her adult life, Insull lived in an apartment in New York City.
For the past 26 years, Lukin has been raising a family in the countryside of San Paula.
She likes black furniture and serious art.
He likes color and tie.
Dye and folk art.
Most importantly, both are in their 50 s and are unlikely to change.
\"I have a fairly developed sense of personality,\" says interior designer Insull, owner of art and antiques at Sigrid Insull, Los Angeles.
\"Of course Bill can have his own.
\"Ultimately, the will to give in makes it work.
Lu Jin said: \"You are willing to compromise when you are newly married . \"
\"We are all fascinated by each other and we really want to solve this problem.
\"We all agreed to start a new life together,\" Insull said . \".
So we compromised.
\"The first challenge is to find a place to buy.
Santa Paula in Ventura County is too far away from the city for her, Los Angeles is too close to him,bedroom co-
Since the beginning of 1990, the op apartment owned by Insull in Pasadena is too small.
But the second feature of Insull is
Story apartment for them--
The view of the nearby park, the tall trees and the wide lawn.
The park reminds her of New York: \"It\'s like living next to Central Park.
\"When the next answer to Insull comes --
The door neighbor sold her apartment.
Why not, the couple asked themselves, bought that apartment, combined the two and made a 2,000-square-
Walking home, you can see twice the park?
A few sketches show the two apartments. -
The layout is basically the same but flipped
Failed in direction. -
Can be connected through the passage between the kitchen.
The second living room was originally turned into a master suite and the kitchen was a 6-by-4-
The corridor outside the foot leads to a public stairwell between the two apartments.
After removing the back door, a safety door was installed on the top of the stairwell, with black vinyl flooring placed in the passage to match the safety doors of the two kitchens.
The living room of the Insull apartment will remain as the living room;
A spacious master suite will be created from the living room of the newly purchased apartment.
Although the bedroom of the original apartment in Insull would be a nice room, the two bedrooms of the new apartment would be the office for everyone.
To raise $30,000 in funding, Insull and Lucking sold some antiques and treasures, which took three months.
When they are ready to start, they put Insull\'s furniture in the warehouse and start over.
\"Everything is very dark and messy,\" she recalls . \".
\"I like black or tan, no color, but very noticeable.
Lu Jin agreed: \"The longer the edge, the better . \".
\"It\'s like painting on the wall.
A little more than I like.
\"There is no edge,\" Insull protested . \".
\"Well, some edges.
\"With the demolition of Insull\'s furniture, the reality of 1950 square feet
Times apartments shine: \"They are as boring as you can get,\" Insull said . \".
But instead of spending a bundle of money on high ceilings, remodeled doorways, new windows, granite counters and other heights --
For the ticket project, the couple decided to create affordable beauty in their new home with color, texture and light.
The first task of the transformation, perhaps the most expensive, is to add embedded ceiling lights throughout the home.
They replaced the lamps in the middle of the ceiling, which reminded the couple of a cheap hotel.
Now, the lights are focused on the walls and the Buddha statues that the couple has collected (hers), masks (his)and paintings (his and hers).
No lights and wires are needed for ceiling lamps, which can be darkened.
\"It\'s romantic at night,\" Insull said . \"
The black wall, the Green Wall, also adds romantic color.
In the living room, the couple tried a variety of yellow, brown and green, and finally settled on celadon, a green shadow traditionally used in Asia for walls and carpets.
As a concession to luck, Insull redecorated her black sofa and chair with a gray-brown fabric with green fiber.
Covering the living room window and dining room entrance is a series of handmade curtainsdyed silk.
Insull\'s designer relationship not only gives her more choices, but also saves money.
For example, a carpet is a color that is discontinued and purchased at a discounted price.
Sofas, chairs, and tables are all knockoffs from expensive brands. Built-
In the bookcase, what used to be the living room caused a sensation --
The restaurant is really a bedroom. sitting room.
Handmade samwallpaper wallpaper adds romance and hides the original front door, which still exists if the apartment needs to be converted back.
In addition to the bedroom suite, the two offices reflect the couple\'s personal taste.
Insull\'s paintings are dark green, and the whole wall is full of paintings.
Lukin\'s office is a light green office decorated with more of his mask series.
Between the living peopledining-
Entertainment and sleep
Two kitchens are located in the work area of the home.
One is decorated with copper pots and oil paintings, known as the formal kitchen or butler\'s kitchen, where guests can have drinks or snacks.
The second is the work kitchen, which hangs the whimsical art of the daily pot bowl pans basin and Lujin. Here the heavy-
Cooked on duty.
Some people might say it\'s weird to have a house with two kitchens, but Insull thinks it\'s happy.
\"I will never give up two kitchens,\" she declared . \"
\"It\'s my pride and joy.
\"Please forgive us for publishing our dust every three Thursday in Southern California life. Kathy Price-
Robinson is a freelance writer who has been covering the remodeling for nine years.
She can reach kathyprice @ aol. com. (
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SOURCE BookHomeowners: Sigrid insal and Bill Larkin.
Project: connect two apartments and transform into a house to meet the needs of the two owners.
Architecture: St. Paula, John Jackson ,(805)368-0301.
Painting: Scott Baird626)441-6183.
Barbara Beckman design, San Francisco ,(415)863-0304.
Handmade mulberry Berry wallpaper: Los Angeles, Cannon and block ,(323)221-9286.
Furniture: Oscar upholstery in Los Angeles323)234-3554.
Desiron, Los Angeles ,(323)651-4777.
Carpet: carpet of the contractor, Monrovia (626)305-7472.
Three months. Cost: $30,000.
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