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the best place to put a ceiling fan

by:Grade     2020-03-21
Ceiling fans not only improve the decoration of the room, but also help to reduce the cost of cooling the home in hot months and the cost of heating the home in winter.
These appliances use only a small portion of the power required by the stove or air conditioner, and cold air or warm air should be directed to the most needed place: the occupants of the room.
For the safety of the occupants of the room, ceiling fans should not be installed in rooms with a ceiling height of less than 7 feet.
Ceiling fans can be used effectively in rooms with high ceilings by installing fans with lower bars.
These rods place the fan at 8 or 9 feet above the floor for optimal operation.
The downbar also allows the fan to be mounted on the tilted ceiling as they rotate to make the height of the fan perpendicular to the floor.
While many people place ceiling fans in the center of the room, the most effective location is where people gather.
For a very small living room, ceiling fans are the most effective center, but for larger rooms, place them directly on the seating area.
Place the fan in the center of the seating area in order to evenly guide the warm or cool air to everyone in the seating area.
In the restaurant, the best place to place ceiling fans is in the center of the restaurant table.
The dining room and living room are separate areas of the same large room with two fans installed-
One is on the table in the dining area and the other is in the seating area in the living room. On average-
The size of the home kitchen, a ceiling-centered fan works best.
For larger kitchens, several evenly spaced fans can be considered for installation throughout the kitchen area. Typically a 36-
An inch or smaller fan is enough for 36-square-
Foot area, while 37-to 48-
Inch fan will cover 100square-foot area; use a 49-to 55-
Fan 144-square-
Foot area and 56-
An inch or larger fan at 225-square-foot area.
The better way is to use a couple of smaller fans throughout the kitchen instead of a larger central fan.
Common sense will tell you that the best place to install ceiling fans in the bedroom is bed-centered.
In the larger bedroom, there is a separate dressing room with two ceiling fans installed, one on the bed and the other in the dressing room.
Regardless of the use of the ceiling fan, it is an asset to almost any room.
In most other rooms, such as laundry or craft rooms, it is better to place ceiling fans in the center of the room.
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