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the big flip-flop

by:Grade     2020-01-08
When Shaya and Grant Kirkpatrick walked into the humble Manhattan Beach house they would eventually buy, they thought it was a perfect fix --upper--
Except one thing.
The house seemed completely behind for their needs.
For example, when the 35-year-old Shah dreams of having a kitchen --
The house was set up in a large room in the backyard. -
Typical 1940 s bungalow style-
Kitchen and living room facing the street.
The original two bedrooms and a bathroom were sitting in the back.
In addition, in his 1950 s, a homeowner added a master bedroom and bathroom to the back of the two bedrooms, adding a study room to the back of the two bedrooms, all of this is through the narrow corridor in the center of the house, no imagination.
But the minds of Kirkpatricks are flexible. -
She\'s an interior designer. he\'s an architect. -
See the room can be flipped under the long roof.
The kitchen will be switched to the back of the house, open to the study, and the backyard will be opened through a glass door and window wall.
The master bedroom can then be relocated to the front of the house, where the living room used to sit and the main bathroom was inserted into the original kitchen space.
Also, the garage is located at the back of the property, also typical 1940 style, and the driveway just passes through the house, which is not what many 1990 couples want.
Kirkpatricks noticed an alley behind the hotel and realized that they could flip the garage by moving the garage door to the back.
\"We\'re going to start drawing sketches right away,\" Shaya said . \".
\"It\'s obvious to us.
Our friends started laughing.
They can\'t see.
\"We call it a pancake house,\" said Grant, also 35.
The house turned over.
\"* Accept the challenge of flipping-
The couple wanted to live in the \"tree area\" on the beach in Manhattan, and it was worthwhile to fake a house (so-
Eucalyptus, Acacia, Palm and blue flower jac called it)
And benefit from its low crime rate, easy walk to the city center, and excellent schools for 4-year-old son Jack and 1-year-old Ryan.
Also, it\'s not far from Grant\'s Santa Monica office.
After buying the house for $420,000 in 1997, the couple decided to invest about $100,000 in the renovation.
Of course, the first step is to consider and fully plan the renovation before the start of the construction.
According to Grant, homeowners expect too much of what their money can get.
Kirkpatricks is very knowledgeable about the high cost of materials and labor in its business.
Homeowners also tend not to plan the project thoroughly enough, which forces them to make a final-minute decision, Grant said ---
In the process of construction, it is under great pressure and pressure.
This is not what Grant and Shaya want.
Another goal is Experiment.
For example, because many of the couple\'s clients wanted dark cabinets and light-colored floors, the couple just designated--cherry-
Color cabinets and light maple flooring in the kitchen-great room.
However, to try something new, they switched to white cabinets and laminate floors that looked like dark wood.
Choose a laminate floor that is much more durable than wood to fight the \"carpet rat\" electric ranger toy.
\"This is one of our better initiatives,\" Grant said . \".
Construction began after three months of intensive planning.
The couple again avoided the mistakes that homeowners often make ---
Visit the website every day to see progress.
\"If the client comes every day, it makes things tricky,\" explains Grant . \".
* Three months later, when the building was completed, the family moved into its flap
Updated House.
The front yard used to be covered in patches of grass, and now has a deck and a British/California garden consisting of lavender, rosemary, and the Mexican rat St, either green or purple or both of them are overgrown grass and other plants.
The rather large picture window that gave light to the original living room was replaced by a shielded floor-to-ceiling window leading to the couple\'s new bedroom.
A new entrance was created on the right side of the house, about half of the back, along a wide road (
Front Lane)
Made of crushed concrete, it is dotted with fluffy Baili Wood.
Here, the new identity of the house shines brightly, with huge white wooden ceilings and two vibrant yellow walls.
From the entrance, the kitchen is on the left, the dining area is in the front, the living room is on the right, and the glass door leads to the backyard with a new view.
Although the original kitchen in the home has a yellow tile counter, the counter in this new kitchen is made of a limestone that Kirkpatricks likes because of its \"overall\" quality.
Great room for Grant has a Zen
Solid atmosphere like it-
Colorful furniture and minimal clutter.
\"The simpler the material, the cleaner the lines, the bigger the room,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not that chaotic.
\"After the flip --
The couple and their children plan to turn it into a long-term house for more than a yearterm roost.
\"This is an interesting place,\" Grant said . \". Kathy Price-
Robinson is a freelance writer who has been covering the remodeling for nine years.
She can reach kathyprice @ aol. com.
Source Book Project: renovation of 1940 s bungalow.
Architect: Grant Kirkpatrick, co-architect of Kirkpatrick, Santa Monica ,(310)264-4800.
Interior design: Grant and Shaya Kirkpatrick.
Contractor: Baldwin construction company, Palos Verdes Manor ,(310)378-4812.
Three months. Cost: $100,000.
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