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the different types of led light bulbs in the market today

by:Grade     2020-01-29
You can buy LED bulbs online today.The luminous second-level tube is nothing but the luminous second-level tube.These bulbs are used for direction lights.So we can focus on it.The color of the LED is closer to the color of the day, so new research shows that these colors are good for alertness.These LEDs are a good substitute for standard halogen lamps or fluorescent bulbs.They can be used for reading or lighting purposes.The light they send out is equivalent to the light of the day, because they are made up of small mirrors inside, it reflects the light in one direction, and the LED light is efficient.Since these lamps have Edison bulb bases, they can be installed in existing lamps and lamps.A good plan for these bulbs will give the desired results obtained from fluorescent or halogen lamps.Different types of LED are as follows: Sun dusk LED focus bulbs: these are soft emphasis lightning that provides the perfect amount of light to prevent the light from exploding next to the eye.If you have any work at night, you can use them without hesitation as they are very soft for the eyes.These are good for bed side lights, Hall passages and some other fixtures that do not pre-place other excessive light.Specifications: * V: 120 * lumens: 26 * W: 0.90 * LEDs used: 18 CC vivid LED bulbs: these are focused low light outputs for small rooms, corridors or porches.They are well used for reading purposes, accents, or any other application, and they are used where low light is needed.The dimmer switch works well.Specifications: * V: 120/12 * lumens: 31 * W: 0.97/0.87 * LED use: 18 cc vivid Plus LED bulbs: these are used for more high-gloss output that is scattered than the small room needs, A porch or any other application that can be used for more light for reading purposes, accents, or any other.Specifications: * V: 120/12 * lumens: 60 * W: 1.84/2.5 * LED usage: 36CC viivid par 20 LED bulbs: These bulbs are available in the spotlight model and it will have five more focused beams and other flood models, this will provide you with a scattered light garden accent that is perfect for ceiling lights.Specifications: * V: 120 * lumens: 80 * W: 1.9 * LED used: 36 these are different types of LED bulbs that can be used at home and can be replaced with standard fluorescent or halogen lamps.Sometimes it\'s not needed.LED bulbs can also be found on ebay.Muna wa Wanjiru has been researching and reporting bulbs for many years.
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