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the fastest way to reach a congressional budget agreement? dim the lights

by:Grade     2020-01-25
More and more people feel that the world is run by hotheads.
People are driven by such strong emotions that even if they rationally understand the importance of meeting in the middle, they cannot let themselves compromise.
The newly published study provides a possible solution to this dilemma.
This shows that the congressional conference committee, the divorce settlement negotiations and the peace negotiations between the warring factions, if held in a dimly lit room, have better chances of success.
It is not just vague conditions that increase creativity that can play a useful role in reaching a compromise.
This study shows emotions
Positive and negative.
Strengthened in bright light.
Our minds seem to instinctively associate light with heat, and the concept of physical heat stimulates emotional heat.
Therefore, the intensity of light seems to increase the emotional strength of a person --
It\'s a good thing if you\'re in a romantic relationship, but it\'s problematic in situations where a calm response is needed.
\"These findings suggest an easy way to make people less emotional: just turn off the lights,\" writes alison na Labrooof of the University of Toronto and Northwestern.
Their research is published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.
Xu and laboro describe five experiments that provide evidence for their paper.
It can be said that the most convincing one is to randomly assign 98 college students to visit the bright Laboratory (
Turn on the fluorescent ceiling light)
Or dim lights (
Light only by computer monitor).
They were told that the researchers were \"collecting consumers\' responses to potential ad plots and patterns.
\"Participants were first asked to read a script for a television advertisement, and one of the young people named Alex was late to work for a series of acts that could be considered aggressive or hostile.
Then, use-to-
They evaluated 9 levels and they assessed aggression, hostility and heat
They found the fictional character.
Results: those who did the experiment under bright lights had a higher rating of his aggression --
Relevant measurements, which means they are more likely to think that ambiguous behavior is positive.
In the second part of the experiment, participants (
34 males and 64 females)
After looking at the photos of three female models, they were asked to judge their sexy on a photo. to-seven scale.
The bright lights intensified their reaction again.
\"Participants in the bright room thought the three women were hotter,\" Xu and labaloo reported.
The researchers wrote that this suggests that \"strong light polarizes judgment on positive and negative stimuli \".
Together with the results of other experiments, it provides evidence that \"the connection between strong light and emotional reinforcement is fundamental\", reflecting the physiological connection between light, warmth and strong emotions.
Xu and labaloo pointed out: \"Most of the daily decisions are made in bright light and therefore may be affected emotionally by this way.
\"So if your city council is dealing with a controversial issue, maybe the temper will get cold if the lights in the room are not too strong.
Closer to home, if your other half darkens the lights tonight, don\'t think it\'s an invitation to a close relationship.
He or she may just want to calm you down.
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