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the height of design

by:Grade     2020-01-21
The false ceiling has gone through the fashion cycle
Popular in their 70 s, and then in decades of violence, now revenge.
Highlighting the ceiling becomes hot again, and in addition to adding dazzle to the design of the room, false or falling ceilings can also be used to cover up ugly plumbing, wires, or plumbing works.
The ceiling system today has a wide range of styles, textures, grids and colors that offer unlimited design possibilities and options.
They are easy to install, with fire safety and ecological protection, both grid and plaster
Friendly factors included.
A test conducted by Warrington fire in 2005 showed that the falling ceiling could withstand a 109-minute fire, leaving plenty of time for rescue, recovery or fire fighting.
It is also important that all cabling and plumbing systems are hidden in one place, but easy to access, which is a huge advantage for repairs and modifications.
In the case of overhead water seepage, there is no problem in replacing several damaged panels.
The ceilings also highlight and dramatize the room, especially necessary for Bay lighting, concealed lighting and two or three-story dramatic lighting.
Finally, the insulation effect of the ceiling panel is huge.
The room is much cooler or warmer than the outside, and can greatly reduce the cost of electric cooling and heating.
You can also choose to use white or light-
Especially in office space, color panels can create bright spaces and optimize the reflection of light, thus reducing artificial lighting in the room.
Picking the best bare mesh is the most common type of ceiling.
Create a square grid, then fill in the ceiling tiles with a wide metal frame around the ceiling tiles.
The hidden grid system hides the grid system in the view using acoustic tiles or planks.
This creates a smooth, clean look, but is more expensive than the exposed system.
It may also be more difficult for maintenance personnel to enter the area above the ceiling.
Some suspended ceiling systems use wires and hangers to hang drywall under the ceiling.
These systems are simpler alternatives to creating a wide range of channels that a drywall structure usually requires.
When it comes to choosing tiles for the ceiling, there are many options.
Earlier, the plaster in Paris was heavily used, but now the gypsum board has become popular and used with wood, plywood, veneer, etc.
Flexible for any design, acoustics, and fire prevention that can be fixed in a concealed grid system.
Living room and home theater may need to be mixed, plaster is combined with wood or mineral fiber to create a rich look or improve sound quality, lighting plays an indispensable role.
Insulation can be added without affecting the appearance.
Mineral fiber is another common material, usually used in offices, conference rooms or home theaters, and can also be used as wood fiber, plaster or glass wool.
These simple fiber boards look like col and are of high strength;
Sound insulation;
Fire prevention and moisture prevention;
Some species are even ecological. friendly.
The new trend in this field is laminated sheets.
Perforated metal plates are another option for commercial space, which can be inserted between optical fiber plates to allow air flow in the space of wires and pipes.
The tiles are also stylish, especially in large commercial spaces, with some falling tiles.
While there are other colors and printed tiles as well, white tiles are the most common.
Mold and mold in hospital and clean room environments-
Resistant tiles are being used.
Other tiles that can be used include laminated plaster, metal, soft fibers, PVC panels and aluminum composite panels, all of which are new and coming in style.
The main drawback of the fake ceiling is that the clearance space is reduced.
A gap of at least four to 8 inch between the grid and the ceiling is required to install tiles and fixtures.
In addition, although these are often used as refurbishment tools to quickly and cheaply repair damaged ceilings, they themselves tend to age rapidly, sometimes change color due to excessive smoking, and the center is sometimes drooping and sometimes prone to damage.
But the fact remains that hanging the ceiling is a great design option if you want to make a dramatic statement that can help you create a unique space.
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